Spelunky (Boss Fight Books, #11)

Spelunky (Boss Fight Books, #11) When Derek Yu released Spelunky for free in 2008, his roguelike inspired platformer took the indie game community by storm with its combination of classic platform mechanics, extreme difficulty, and random level generation Four years later, Spelunky s HD remake went on to become PC Gamer s Game of

The Aesthetic of Play

The Aesthetic of Play A game designer considers the experience of play, why games have rules, and the relationship of play and narrative The impulse toward play is very ancient, not only pre cultural but pre human zoologists have identified play behaviors in turtles and in chimpanzees Games have existed since

A Theory of Fun for Game Design

A Theory of Fun for Game Design A Theory of Fun for Game Design is not your typical how to book It features a novel way of teaching interactive designers how to create and improve their designs to incorporate the highest degree of fun As the book shows, designing for fun is all about making interactive products like games highly