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[ Read ] ➫ Relevance: Communication and Cognition Author Dan Sperber – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 338 pages
  • Relevance: Communication and Cognition
  • Dan Sperber
  • English
  • 11 December 2019
  • 9780631198789

Relevance: Communication and CognitionRelevance,first Published In 1986, Was Named As One Of The Most Important And Influential Books Of The Decade In The Times Higher Educational Supplement This Revised Edition Includes A New Preface Outlining Developments In Relevance Theory Since 1986, Discussing The Serious Criticisms Of The Theory, And Envisaging Possible Revisions Or Extensions The Book Sets Out To Lay The Foundation For A Unified Theory Of Cognitive Science The Authors Argue Than Human Cognition Has A Goal We Pay Attention Only To Information Which Seems To Us Relevant To Communicate Is To Claim Someone S Attention, And Hence To Imply That The Information Communicated Is Relevant Thus, A Single Property Relevance Is Seen As The Key To Human Communication And Cognition A Second Important Feature Of The Book Is Its Approach To The Study Of Reasoning It Elucidates The Role Of Background Or Contextual Information In Spontaneous Inference, And Shows That Non Demonstrative Inference Processes Can Be Fruitfully Analysed As A Form Of Suitably Constrained Guesswork It Directly Challenges Recent Claims That Human Central Thought Processes Are Likely To Remain A Mystery For Some Time To Come Thirdly, The Authors Offer New Insight Into Language And Literature, Radically Revising Current View On The Nature And Goals Of Verbal Comprehension, And In Particular On Metaphor, Irony, Style, Speech Acts, Presupposition And Implicature.

Dan Sperber is a French social and cognitive scientist His most influential work has been in the fields of cognitive anthropology and linguistic pragmatics developing, with British psychologist Deirdre Wilson, relevance theory in the latter and an approach to cultural evolution known as the epidemiology of representations in the former Sperber currently holds the positions of Directeur de Re

10 thoughts on “Relevance: Communication and Cognition

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    The theory presented in this book builds on Grice s theories of meaning making in context and diverges from them, arguing that ultimately the goal in human cognitive processes is to achieve the greatest possible cognitive effect in that communication is driven by what is the most relevant in context, for the smallest possible processing effort While I find in depth and detailed explication of conversation of which there is much in this book to be a tad tedious, I find this angle on studying language and cognition to be valuable in context with angles that study language from a perspective that does not take into account the sociological I think the sociological...

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    I first read this when it was first published and I was beginning my PhD, 30 years ago I have moved away from this field so I don t know how well its ideas have stood the test of time Reading it again, I am struck by how comprehensive and radical is its attack on the then prevailing and possibly still prevailing ideas about communication and cognition But I am also struck by its complete absence of any hard scientific evidence no meaningful citations of psycholinguistic or psychological experiments Finally, I...

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    Got about half of the pages turned, but about half of those were seen through glazed over eyes Interesting stuff, but too technical for me.

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    although hard to follow in places, the book is illuminating as to relevance focused aspects of cgnition a simple truth couched in an emblellished argumentative scaffolding

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