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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Magick Charm  Author Jennifer Wells – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Magick Charm
  • Jennifer Wells
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780984180509

Magick Charm Janie Adler Likes Her Quiet, Orderly Life Reviewing Books For A Small New Orleans Newspaper Exactly The Way It Is So What If Duke Hot Pants, The Hero Of Her Favorite Romance Novel, Is The Only Man In Her Life She Has A Pulitzer Prize To Chase That Is Until Her Quirky Twin Sister Rachel Moves In, Bringing Boyfriend Drama, A Smelly Ferret, And Irrational Belief In All Things Magickal Along With Her.Persuaded By A Local Voodoo Priestess And Maybe One Margarita Too Many The Twins Cast Spells To Improve Their Love Lives Loser Magnet Rachel Focuses On Avoiding The Wrong Men, While Janie Seeks Her Romance Novel Ideal Plenty Of Eligible Bachelors Flood Into Their Lives, But Janie Only Has Eyes For Her Coworker Who Lives In The Apartment Downstairs.The Twins Soon Discover The Incantations Many Unintended And Dangerous Consequences The Increasing Number Of Mishaps And Misfortune Putting The Sisters In Grave Peril Seems Like The Work Of A Curse Can Janie And Rachel S Twintuition Save Them From The Menace Stalking Them

Jennifer Wells lives in Northern Virginia with her husband of twenty years, John, and her three spoiled cats, Morgana, Luna, and Pele In addition to being a wife and cat mommy, she s a professional procrastinator, Virgo, and the author of paranormal mystery novels Magick Charm, Free Spirit, and paranormal romance Practically Dreaming She is currently working on sequels as well as entirely new st

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    This was originally published on Book Lovers Inc I m sorry to say but very few books irritated me as much as Magick Charm I continuously hoped for some improvement and gave it a 5th and 6th chance, but in vain After having read 68% of the book I decided it was enough and thinking of sparing my blood pressure any unnecessary irritation I gave up.I had several problems with Magick Charm My two main problems were the writing and the characterization.I found the writing choppy, things happened without natural development, and there was no relationship building whatsoever e.g Janie and Ryan, the guy she has had a crush on are thrown together on a date thanks to Rachel s matchmaking, and after one deep soulgazing dinner date are in love with each other.The story is told through Janie s narrative and maybe it s because Janie s character was so utterly dull and boring that her narrative just couldn t draw in the reader I just know that neither the story neither the characters inspired any interest or excitement and only the hope that something will hopefully happen ...

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    All it took was a single phone call to turn Janie s simple, orderly, comfortable existence into a chaotic, messy, co habitation with her gregarious, dramatic, and thanks to modern surgery bountifully endowed twin, Rachel and her smelly pet ferret, Nostradamus.Ryan and Janie are co workers at The Big Easy News where they both report to their dragon lady boss, editor in chief, Jacqueline Reddy Janie finds Ryan quite attractive and vice versa but neither one has attempted to establish a personal relationship since dating amongst co workers is strictly against office policy and is grounds for termination Ryan also happens to live just downstairs from Janie in the same apartment building As the story opens Rachel is in the process of breaking up with her loser boyfriend Janie agrees to let Rachel take up temporary residence with her until Rachel can sort things out and decide how she wants to move on The mayhem ensues as the intellectually minded, neatly organized Janie and her free spirited, mouthy, colorful sister try to adjust to living together after having lived separate and very divergent lives for years Hilarity abounds as the cast of secondary characters make their appearances, some wrecking havoc and some bearing gifts.I was absolutely, totally charmed by this thoroughly entertaining novel The...

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    This engaging story revolves around twins, Janie and Rachel, who possess personalities that are miles apart When Rachel leaves her abusive boyfriend to move in with Janie, conflict is inevitable, but the ...

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    This was a clever, fun, and fast read Wells will make you love her characters and beg for Great story.

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    This was a great book Metaphysical romance mystery I don t even know how to categorize it I couldn t put it down and am looking forward to the next Way to go Jen

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    Magick Charm is a totally entertaining read from the first page The characters are warm and real and the story carries the reader right to the last page Warm, humorous and entertaining.

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    Janie and Rachel were twin sisters who were completely different Rachel was carefree, in a band, outspoken and made bad judgements, especially when it came to men Janie was predictable, reviewed books, hard working, and reliable But, she was a push over especially for those who would take advantage of it, including her sister For example, Rachel just assumed it would be alright to move in with her Then, tired of making bad choices in men, Rachel encouraged Janie to help her perform a spell, to give her good judgement Against Janie s better judgement, Rachel also wanted to find a love match for Janie But for some reason, the spell went wrong, and strange things began to happen Ex boyfriends enter back into thier lives and someone began stalking Rachel In order to figure out who it was, the girls switched identities How cool would it be to have a twin I like the close relationship between Janie and Rachel, although sometimes thier personalities clashed It was fun to read two sisters who are so much alike, but so different Janie wanted Rachel to be conservative and Rachel wanted Janie to loosen up I thought it was cute how Rachel manipulated the events in order to get Janie and Ryan together I thought the chemistry between them was charming and crediable There definately were sparksRachel just felt she needed to put a little fire underneath them I thought Ryan, the quiet and protective co worker and neighbor ...

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    Janie seems to have it all, a great job doing something she enjoys, a good relationship with her co workers, and a cute little apartment The one thing that s missing is romance Lately the hero of one of her favorite books, Duke Hot Pants, is the closest thing she s gotten to romance, and that s in her dreams.Rachel, Janie s twin, is scatter brained, whimsically illogical, and believes in the magickal She s pretty much everything that Janie s not She s as different from Janie as night is to day or so each other thinks And not only that, but she has the worst taste in men When her latest, Ted, gets a little too physical, Rachel calls Janie to ride in to her rescue.Ryan, Janie s co worker and downstairs neighbor, looks out for the ladies when trouble comes to call in the form of Rachel s ex but what he d like to do is claim Janie as his own, if their maniacal devil boss, Jacquelyn, would allow co workers to date.Magick Charm by Jennifer Wells tells Janie s story She s sort of happy in her orderly, plain life at least she doesn t have a lot to complain about or so she thinks When Rachel has problems with her ex boyfriend, Janie comes to her rescue and along with her smelly ferret, Nostradamus, they become one big happy family, sort of Rachel can see how lonely Janie s let her life become, and she s determined to do somethin...

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    This story grabbed and held my attention from page one To give you a quick low down, Janie and Rachel are twins Janie is pragmatic and pretty destined to be alone Rachel is artistic She s the singer, the hip one, the one who really sucks at love but at least she s tried, right She s the dreamer After some bad goes down on Rachel you have to read it to find out what I m not a spoiler spiller , the twins meet up with a voodoo priestess, who casts some spells to make Janie find her soul mate and Rachel find some much needed judgement improvement Oh, and the girls are being stalked.Okay, you re caught up Whew There is a lot going on in this story Yet, this story is not, I repeat, NOT plot driven as much as it is character drivenwhich is right up my alley Wells creates two strong, intelligent, witty female characters, and the story is compelled forward by their choices It s ...

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    I can t say enough good things about this book It s an exceptionally enjoyable read, and I was totally captivated by it One of the aspects of it that impressed me was the writing, which was perfectly balanced it was concise without leaving you looking for information Wells didn t feel the need to prove what a fantastic writer she is by getting verbose As for the setting, you couldn t ask for a better setting than New Orleans, one of my favorite vacation destinations of all time The author is obviously very familiar with New Orleans and seamlessly weaves the culture of this mysterious city into her work I flew through this book way too fast, but I m definitely going to read it again I really hope there ar...

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