[[ Download ]] ✤ Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death Author Ranjana Srivastava – Sigilo.us

[[ Download ]] ✤ Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death Author Ranjana Srivastava – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death
  • Ranjana Srivastava
  • English
  • 12 January 2019

Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and DeathCancer Patients Put Up With The Most And Complain The Least, Endowed With An Uncommon Wisdom That Is A Privilege To Observe It Is Not Simply That They See The Big Picture If You Spend Long Enough With Them, They Help You See It Too What Really Happens When Someone Hears The Words, You Have Cancer What Has Preceded It And What Comes After Written With Great Compassion And Honesty, This Is A Rare View From The Other Side Of The Desk Oncologist Ranjana Srivastava Reflects On The Very Human Side Of The Medical Profession The Moral Dilemmas, The Anxieties, The Empathy And Shows Us That The Best Doctors Are The Ones Who Keep Learning By Listening To Their Patients.This Book Is Much Than An Oncologist S Diary It Is An Acknowledgement Of The Incredible Courage Of Ordinary People As They Confront The Big Issues Of Life And Death.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death book, this is one of the most wanted Ranjana Srivastava author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Tell Me The Truth: Conversations with My Patients About Life and Death

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    Wow What an amazing book It runs you through the whole gamut of human emotions love, loss, despair, hope and spits you out on the other end Maybe a bit shaken Maybe a bit sad But left with a great and shining love for humankind yes, I did just say that , and a much greater appreciation of everyday life It left me thankful for a healthy, functioning body Thankful that my parents and siblings are still around Thankful, in short, that I don t have cancer Yes, as terrible as that sounds Tell Me the Truth Conversations With My Patients about Life and Death is a non fiction book by Melbourne oncologist cancer specialist Ranjana Srivastava Each chapter tells the story of a different real life cancer patient usually ranging from their first diagnosis, to how they coped with it, to their death It s told in an elegant, reflective style, from a doctor s point of view, as she sees many of her patients become ravaged with cancer and eventually die Of course, there are the mi...

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    It is hard reading this book as each chapter tells of someone who dies Ranjana is an oncologist and she tells the stories of her patients with sensitivity, with heart She is honest with the reader about her reacti...

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    Oh my goodness, where do I begin I overcame my morbid anxiety filled phobia of death after reading this book As someone who suffers from panic disorder and fears death, I have to say this brought me a lot of comfort and peace, somewhat the most inspirational book I ve ever read The courage from these people and their stories just evoked so many emotions out of me I was in tears by the end of each person s chapter I guess someone ...

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    Ranjana used to write a column in a Monthly magazine and I always found it fascinating and insightful This book is just the same Each chapter is about the different patient and explores and range of issues including You are the doctor , where as a relatively inexperienced oncologist she is torn between suggesting chemo which is the only weapon that she has to offer as an oncologist, and the knowledge that the cancer is too far advanced for ...

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    I assumed this book would lead me to reflect on life and living, in a similar vein to Tuesdays With Morrie I also worried that this could be a depressing and difficult read Instead, this book is really about the importance of communication how much we leave unspoken or how we avoid speaking the truth when it is most needed This book was fil...

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    This book is well written I m taking a break for now though because there are too many sad stories to digest Perhaps I ll continue it, later.

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    This is a must read for all current and future doctors With elegance and humility, Dr Ranjana Srivastava lays everything bare her accounts of treating dying cancer patients are raw, honest and highly thought provokin...

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    This is a beautiful, yet awful book to read Awful because many of the patients are obviously dying But beautiful in the way that Ranjana is able to talk to them, about them, and about her thoughts and her journey Highly recommended.

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    I read this book 3 years ago at the time I thought it was a fairly good book but didn t think too much of it otherwise but years on there are quotes from this book that resonate with me time and time again in my day to day work I wish I kept this book so I could read it again Previous review It is a book written by an oncologist which shares the stories of some of the cancer patients she has met in her career thus far Their cancer journeys are heart wrenching and remarkable at the same time As for the author s interpretation of these stories, there were some parts that I found insightful To be frank, there were also some parts where I got annoyed that she appeared to be unkind towards her junior colleagues or frustrated, in various ...

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    My sister, a medical doctor, told me to read this book I have been interested in the topic of death and dying for a while, and have read other books by doctors on the same topic.I really like this book It s honest The stories remind me again on what s most important in...

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