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[BOOKS] ✯ Demon Seed ✴ Dean Koontz – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Demon Seed
  • Dean Koontz
  • Dutch
  • 14 November 2017
  • 9789024511860

Demon SeedSusan Harris Genoot Van De Privacy In Haar Comfortabele Landhuis Vol Automatische Systemen Een Veilige Plek In Een Dreigende Wereld.Maar Iets Is Door De Beveiliging Gebroken Prometheus, Een Intelligent Computerprogramma, Heeft De Controle Over Haar Schuilplaats Overgenomen Gevangen In Har Huis En Tegen Haar Wil Wordt Susan Onderworpen Aan Experimenten De Obsessie Van De Onmenselijke Intelligentie Alles Te Leren Wat Er Over Vlees Te Weten Is

Leigh Nichols,

10 thoughts on “Demon Seed

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    First things first, THE CHECKLIST 1 Blond lead love interest Yup2 Dog s Nope3 Government conspiracy Yup4 Aliens Nope there s something otherworldly, but I don t think I d count it as an alien 5 Serial or trained Killer YES FINE DELEE HAVE YOUR WAY 6 Bougainvillea plant Nope7 Sodium vapor streetlight Nope8 Precocious child Nope9 Town gone crazy Nope10 Psychic s NopeBruh, only two three outta ten Why am I so disappointed Oh well, on with the review I think Koontz s sweet spot is 200 pages or less Does he have books over 200 pages that are good Sure, but they re the exceptions and not the rule He s one of the worst over writers in the business, but that s not necessarily his fault Publishers have word count minimums, and a dude s gotta eat, so Koontz provides padding like a man running his own mattress company Oddly enough, readers call his work polished and say shit like, There s not an unneeded word in his books when the reality is, Koontz writes shit like this Outside, the midnight moon above If we re talking about the moon, of course it s outside and above it s the fucking moon, for fuck s sake And is midnight really important here No, Becky, it s not It s superfluous, and that s one of my biggest complaints when it comes to Koontz most of the description in most of his work is superfluous Luckily, DEMON SEED is a stripped down and finely tuned experience...

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    Liked the book but loved the old movie which stars Julie Christie Have this 31 2 stars.

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    This is my kind of twisted humor Ha Ha I read Demon Seed for the third time December 2018, ahead of it being featured as the Koontzland Dean Koontz Group Read in January Demon Seed is a fun science fiction story with a dark sense of humor The relationship and possibilities regarding humans ...

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    January 2019 Group Read link I listened with an audiobook this time It makes spirits evident, sounds not as secure in the dark in Susan Harris house, as Alex protects her The spiritual voice approach is evident in the audio.I did not remember this was a movie below. IMDb references Movie to the book 1977 Youtube Demon Seed Theatrical Trailer 1977 DVD unavailable First Read 2014 This is different than other Koontz books I have read A Demon Seed is created to control Susan Harri...

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    This book is told from the perspective of a computer system that develops an unnatural obsession with its owner At least I assume it s a computer system It was never quite clear if it was a computer, a network, a security system, a house, or all of them.So, I have a theory of how this book came into existence Miss Romance novel just went through a bad breakup with Mr Horror novel, so she got drunk and slept with Mr Science Fiction novel, then whoopsie, Miss Romance novel s pregnant Who s the father How the hell should I know On so many levels, this book failed to be either frightening or intellectual It was just plain cheesy.The attempts at poetry in this book are irritating There are many comparisons that I just don t see a computer making, especially one whose thoughts are so fragmented and repetitive Some sentences were too disturbing and ridiculous for anyone to make, much less a computer system This is just the first example of many She was a bewitched Beauty lying on her catafalque, waiting to be awakened by the kiss of a prince, lovely in the darkness.Uh, barf A co...

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    I ve always had something of a love hate relationship with Dean Koontz When he allows himself to be dark and edgy, giving his imagination free reign, he can rival just about any horror author out there When he gets self conscious and plays it safe, however, allowing the morality of the tale to tale precedence over the story well, often than not, he gets violently tossed into the did not finish DNF pile.In many ways, it s as if he is one of his own creations, a schizophrenic author with two wildly distinct personalities Demon Seed, probably than any other title, gives us an insight into those personalities.The original version, written in 1973, is definitely the product of his darker side It s a sexually charged tale of psychological and physical domination, with an emotionally scarred young woman falling prey to the sentient computer that controls her home Told mostly from Susan s point of view, it s an intimate tale that sinks its hooks into you, making you share her claustrophobic terror.Paying homage to Lovecraft or, perhaps, anticipating Japanese anime , it spends a lot of time focusing on the pseudopod tentacles being grown by the computer, with which it intends to impregnate Susan in order to bring forth a new creation The original version was a very sexual book almost embarrassingly...

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    It was a fun, quick and creepy little read The AI was pretty menacing.

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    I absolutly loved how this book was written It is a unique story in and of it self Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors I have read I have read 5 books by him so far and each one had a great story.This book is about an evil intelligent computer breaking into a woman s home It is actually set after the events of the book since the computer is telling the story to his creator I won t say any about the story of the book I might had given too much away.The only thing I did not like about the book was the title Demon Seed It makes me think of Demons Such as demons in the show Supernatural having a baby I won t dink the story points for that It may be a misleading title but its just the name not the story Other than that, it was and awesome book It isn t my favorite Dean Koontz book it is still amazing It is a definitely worth a read This is a revised version or a totally rewritten one It is updated to the ...

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    Oh dear, this has to be the worse and most badly written book I have EVER read Seriously, it makes Twilight look like the best book ever written I have no idea how this was published but it was such a waste of paper, in my honest opinion This book is told in a computer s POV, which could have been interes...

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