Read ✓ Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1) By Nancy Jill Thames –

Read ✓ Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1)  By Nancy Jill Thames –
  • Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1)
  • Nancy Jill Thames
  • 21 April 2019

Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1) All Jillian Bradley Wants Is To Spend A Quiet Weekend By The Ocean And Enjoy Her Afternoon Tea But A Startling Discovery Draws Jillian And Her Garden Club Friends Into Solving A Mystery That Threatens Her Life And Changes Her Future.The Unlikely Team Helps The Chief Uncover A Series Of Mysterious Events That Lead To Solving Several Murders, Both Past And Present Could It Be The Mean Spirited Conference Director Perhaps It S The Wealthy Widow On The Make For Her Next Husband Or Maybe The Killer Is The Haughty Business Woman Who Shows No Regard For Her Brow Beaten Husband Murder In Half Moon Bay, Book 1 In The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series, Introduces Jillian S Little Companion Teddy, A Yorkie Who Falls Prey To Danger But Rises To Become A Sleuth Dog In The Next Book.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Jill Thames author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Murder In Half Moon Bay (A Jillian Bradley Mystery #1)

  1. says:

    2 1 2 stars Well this was one of those cozy mysteries that just did not make sense to me The murder made sense but I just don t get why the main character got so involved And I really did not get why the Chief of Police was so accomodating to her It was j...

  2. says:

    This was my first attempt at writing a full length novel I gave it a 5 star rating only because it was a sheer miracle that I published it at all Readers have told me they liked the characters I created and the plot, too I must say that it was a very nice way to create a memory of staying at Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay The characters began to be formulated in my mind as I wrote each chapter and I have continued to develop them with each new volume A gardening columnist, fashioned much after myself, a Yorkie, named after my husband to keep him ever present since Jillian Bradley is a widow, and a sprinkling of a few other characters to add dimension to the stories were all conjured up and woven together to present an entertaining reading experience for anyone who appreciates and enjoys the finer things in life.When I ve finished with the series, I ll go back and read them again Only this time, I ll read for my own enjoyment TH...

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    I liked the story line very much I did not like trying to keep track of all the characters Before we even get to the possible suspects there is the sleuth, her three friends, the dog, the sheriff, the bell hop, the deputy and a couple I can t even remember now I have a difficult time with names and I don t enjoy a book that I need to make a chart, just to keep track of who is who However, if this is not a problem for...

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    I finally got interested in the last third of the book, but never did get a suspended disbelief factor to work There are a lot of characters to keep track of, and a lot of jockeying to figure out why they were important to the story, but I suspect the author s next book will explain a lot Definitely don t understand how the Chief of...

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    A very sweet read with a very interesting scenario behind the murders BUT I found it extremely far fetched beyond believability about how Jillian was allowed, even encouraged to carry out her own investigation in conjunction with the police in...

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    Couldn t get thru this Kindle book Definitely written for a female audience May be a good mystery, but there s way too much emphasis on meal and tea meetings and what they are eating and wearing I enjoy many female authors Mull...

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    This book is a good mystery written by the spirit of Agatha The writer knows how to spin and exciting story without the usual gimmicks so prevalent in cozies today I enjoyed the book very much and recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery with the...

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    AwesomeI breezed though this book Great humor Fun We should all be aware of the every day evil that is around us.

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    Jillian and her three collaborators in the Garden Club head off for a conference in a swanky hotel Even though I ve been to conferences in swanky hotels, it felt very alien to my lifestyle, but I suspect some of my friends would be far at home with the setting It gave me the impression of a Californian version of Dallas There were a lot of people introduced to me very fast, and who was with whom didn t really settle in my brain till quite late into the book, after one or two had been murdered I think this may have been my post Christmas disorientation, but sometimes I felt Jillian s conversations, especially with suspects, to be very short Would these people really give her intimate details with clues so that she could solve the crime in such a short exchange Jillian and her friends sort of irritated me with their pushy involvement in the crime solving Why would the Police Chief welcome their involvement How about them trampling over all the evidence And she kept putting herself at risk in very naive ways I think she was extremely lucky not to have been bumped off herself.But from these comments you can tell a number of things I hope Jillian gets you involved in her world The author does a great job in drawing you in to the pl...

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    I enjoyed Murder in Half Moon Bay over the weekend It had just enough suspense, sleuthing, and action to move the story along and keep me reading even when I got tired Some folks may criticize saying the relationship between Jill and the police was unrealistic, but it really reminded me of Murder She Wrote and a bit of the Ladies Detective group because Jill Bradley has her own Gardening Club of...

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