[PDF] ↠ Unbearable! Author Paul Jennings – Sigilo.us

[PDF] ↠ Unbearable! Author Paul Jennings – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • Unbearable!
  • Paul Jennings
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9780140371031


Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the Goodreads database.Paul Jennings was born in Heston near London, and at the age of 6 emigrated to Melbourne, Australia on a boat He was on the boat for 5 weeks with his family He attended Bentleigh West Primary School and Caulfield Grammar School.After graduating from school, he went to Frankston Teachers College now part of

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    I have read the book Unbearable by Paul Jennings because I needed a book to read and the cover on this book looked exiting Also I knew that Paul Jennings is a great writer because his other books are really good I wanted to read another Paul Jennings book because they interest me.This is from the category which is my own choice For me this was a good category because it can nearly be any book that you want This gives you freedom to choose a really good book that you want to read This book has 8 different short stories in it so it is like one big book put together.From the first story Licked my favourite character is a mischievous boy called Andrew He tricks his dad by licking a fly swat with crushed blueberries on it to look like dead flies In the second story Little Black balls there is a character called the paper man who is homeless I like him the best because he wants to help animals even with the little money he has He thinks of others rather than himself In the third story Only Gilt Gary is my favourite character He punishes himself by putting his head in a birdcage for all his life and then realizes it was all just a misunderstanding And finally in the story Next Time Around I like a Chicken called Ratus Ratus is very smart, he can count up to twenty by pecking his beak on the edge of his cage It turned out that in a life before he was a chicken, Ratus was a maths teacher.My favourite quote from the fifth story Nails was one day I ll hit the jackpot He never ends up finding his treasure but his son does after he is dead.The sixth book Yuggles had How are we going to win that egg as the best quote This is when two boys promise a sick girl that they would win her a giant Easter egg for her.The quote Because we planted it on granddads grave came from the story grandads gifts A lemon tree was planted over a grave and one day it grew magical lemons This helped a sick fox back to health Lastly from the book Smelly Feat my favourite quote was Get back or I ll use these This was when a group of bullies came to fetch a turtle trying to lay eggs on a beach A good boy has smelly feet so he keeps his shoes on for a month and takes them off when the bullies threaten him They all instantly faint.After reading the all different stories I think that you shouldn t jump to assumptions because it probably isn t the case These stories were really cool and it is one of the few books that I WANTED to read.

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    Cool book Full of odd stories with young teens having unusual adventures within their ordinary lives Some stumbling into mischief and some trying to get out of the consequences Most of the stories have an underlying theme that someone who is finding life hard can find they can do something that reveals they are special, and often that they can benefit others.However, other stories are just strange They leave you wondering what that was all about But also sets your mind churning as to how you would have dealt with a situation or how you would resolve the unusual ending.

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    Here are 8 reviews on Jennings short stories.Licked Excellent I think kids have a secret pact to embarrass their parents at the most inopportune times possible.Little Black balls Not my favorite but pretty good.Only Gilt Ha ha I really liked this story I love that it makes fun of those times in our lives where we really botch things up.Next Time Around This book is heavily centered on hypnosis which I m not really that happy about It s interesting to read, and it s funny at times, but the hypnosis is a little creepy when the boy starts interviewing his patients for lack of a better word about their past lives So I guess we also have the whole idea of reincarnation where people come back as animals and vice versa I think I would have my son skip this story even though it s not a ghost story.Nails This one is pretty good with a surprise ending It s a little upsetting that the dad dies partway through, but I think things get worked out pretty well all in all.Yuggles I really like this story It definitely has something yucky for the boys Granddad s Gifts Loved this one It isn t EXACTLY about a ghost, but it s a little borderline I think I d go ahead and recommend this story to my son It just occurred to me as I was typing what the gifts were exactly that granddad bestowed Smelly Feat Another great story about yucky things I just hope my son doesn t get any ideas from the main character in this story.

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    Re read this one yesterday as well I didn t realise I actually owned it D Licked totally one of my favourites SO AWESOMELY GROSS Little Black Balls view spoiler I love the last line, gets me every time I never remember that the story of the goat and the opal and the Paper Man is all just made up XD hide spoiler

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    This is a book with many enjoyable short storys.1.a book that has a Moral2.I decided to read it because I have read Paul s books in the past and I really enjoyed them.3.I love the short story in this book because I can read on in just an hour and it keeps me entertained for the hour.4.there is nothing about this book that I didn t like5.I learn t that you don t need to put a birdcage on your head to make a point D6.I have never seen people put Bird cages on their head7 wheres my bird 8.I would recommend this book to all of Paul s fans

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    1.a book written by an author you have already read Paul Jennings 2.I decided to read it because I have read Paul s books and have liked them3.I like the short story because it doesn t take to long to read and is a very entertaining book4.there is nothing about this book that I didn t like5.I learn t that you don t need to put a birdcage on your head to make a point LOL6.I have never seen people put Bird cages on their head7 wheres my bird 8.I would recommend this book to kids aged between 7 11

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    Okay, so I am at the point after reading three of these books in quick succession where I have NO idea how I could be bothered reading them as a kid They re extremely simplistic when it comes to the writing and the stories are mostly just silly I was never a huge fan as a kid, but certainly liked them then than now Obviously the kind of thing that just doesn t age up well.

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    Quirky tales for Paul Jennings These books got me through a few of my awkward years I tell you Even kids in these stories is the underdog or the want you want to cheer for There is often twists and turns in every story and he also has a way with coming up with a killer ending For 7 to 13 year olds.

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    These stories are excellent for older children My youngest was entraced by the poop and dead chicken tales I plan on finding his other books as soon as possible Along with some TUMS to help my sensitive stomach deal with them..

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    Not the best of these types of books but I am sure a younger reader would still love it The man has a great imagination Please note My rating is based on my thoughts on the book for my own purpose Please do not take it as a rating on the quality of the book itself.

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