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  • Paperback
  • 157 pages
  • Crisp
  • R.W. Gray
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9781897126592

Crisp Crisp Confronts The Unspeakable Parts Of Memory, Meditating On Characters Caught In Isolation And Struggling To Make Sense Of Grief, Disappointment, And The Occasional Dinner Party Gone Wrong The Characters In Crisp S Stories Don T Always Make Sound Decisions A Grieving Widow Pursues A Priest, An Unhappy Wife Whittles Her Husband To Bits, And A Nostalgic Man Has A One Night Stand With A Whale Trainer Ranging From The Mystical To The Eccentric, Gray Masterfully Uncovers Human Reactions To Loneliness And Unrest Through Tales About Relationships, Secrets, And A Longing To Connect.

R W Gray s poetry and prose have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies His first collection of short stories, Crisp, was published by NeWest Press An award winning filmmaker and screenwriter, he has had over ten short films produced He lives in Fredericton, where he is a professor of film and screenwriting in the English Department at the University of New Brunswick.

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    Robert Gray has crafted an exceptional anthology in Crisp , a collection whose stories strike a balance between tightly focused slice of life tales and complex narratives pushing into a magical realist fabulism anchored in the grey skies and deadly ennui of the working class Canadian west In some of the other reviews of the book that i ve read, people have expressed a preference for one side of that narrative balance or the other but for me, the point of the book was the juxtaposition between those two forms, both of which Gray handles with an infuriating verbal dexterity It s always too easy and often dangerously pedantic to make arbitrary comparisons from one author to another But as i was reading Crisp , i was pleasantly overwhelmed by how much the book felt like some of my own favorite writers Rob Gray captures the poetic qualities in Michael Ondaatje, the sense of disturbed wonder in Jorge Luis Borges, the grating edge of the flipping god the finger rage in Harlan Ellison but not in the sense that Crisp simply apes the style of those or any other writers, because Gray s voice is wholly original in these pages Rather, Crisp displays the remarkable talent for turning the mundane world inside out in the same way those writers have always done for me creating stories that are poetic, enigmatic, and searingly memorable all at once.My two favorite pieces in the collection are the title story a stunning magic realist reflec...

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    There is a lot to love in this collection of short stories Rob Gray writes lyrical prose of stunning beauty and creates images that are both original and unforgettable The collection starts strong with the bends and reaches its zenith at about its midpoint, with the postcard story flamenco , followed by wabi sabi and seeds My favourite, wabi sabi , contains such memorable descriptions as her husband was a mean man, gristle and bone with lost razors in the sock drawer and unforgiving edges What does it mean I m not sure but it paints an unforgettable picture And the story is a beautifully wrought tale of a difficult relationship, of j...

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    The stories of RW Gray s Crisp are both delicately and precisely written with a melancholy undertone that leaves the reader feeling nostalgic for a world of lost love and childhood memories Yet it is the writing itself that beguiles almost every sentence opens out into an origami of ...

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    Started out as a difficult read Hard to follow the short stories Further into the book, my curiousity peaked It became interesting to figure out the meaning behind the stories I plan to go back and re read a few chapters This would be a good book to...

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    I am setting this book down, I just finished the story Crisp and it has made me nauseous, can t go any further right now This is definitely not what I was expecting.

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    This is a poetic collection of short stories that convey unfinished, raw emotions left in the wake of trauma and neglect Like Edgar Allan Poe s works, the mood is despairing The style is rather free flowing, and not my preference, but it does accurately convey the depths to which humans can sink when in pain of all kinds In my quest to read Canadian authors, I picked this up just after Bruce Graham s Duddy Doesn t Live Here Any A laugh at life s heartache when good natured people fall and hurt, but try to rally with who and what they are It s a demonstration of resilience and forgiveness.Both authors tell of woe and economic depression, but Grey shows the hollow left when t...

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    Gray at his best when he strays into the fantastical.Crisp is the first collection of Gray s short stories that I ve read, and I have to say he s a very talented wordsmith Gray possesses an excellent command of language his interesting choice of words, surprising metaphors, and style were a constant treat Much of his prose is very poetic, reminding me of my favourite writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Gray also reminds me of another writer, Kafka, when Gray strays into the fantastical as he does in the title story In fact, in my opinion this is where Gray is at his strongest the title story is just so wonderfully bizarre, as is Wabi Sabi These stories are also Kafkaesque in their bleak outlook, but the fantasy element is just so delicious that you forget how bleak the story is And both are worth the price of admission alone.Gray doesn t maintain this approach throughout the collection, which is unfortunate because I so wanted of that And while I still enjoyed many of the slice of life vi...

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    In Crisp, no one questions how it is a woman can continually whittle a man into something new, how a fire can never be extinguished, why a trailer should suddenly up and slowly oh so slowly roll to the ocean and no one thinks to stop it Beyond this, Crisp is a revelatory collection, delicate in execution and brutal in impact Gray has a light touch, almost invisible, and his stories dance across the page even as they leave in...

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