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★ The City & The City PDF / Epub ✈ Author China Miéville – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • The City & The City
  • China Miéville
  • English
  • 28 February 2018
  • 9780330513517

The City & The CityFrom The Backcover When The Body Of A Murdered Woman Is Found In The Extraordinary, Decaying City Of Beszal, Somewhere At The Edge Of Europe, It Looks Like A Routine Case For Inspector Borlu Of The Extreme Crime Squad But As He Probes, The Evidence Begins To Point Conspiracies Far Stranger, And Deadly, Than Anything He Could Have Imagined Soon His Work Puts Him And Those He Cares For In Danger Borlu Must Travel To The Only Metropolis On Earth As Strange As His Own, Across A Border Like No Other.


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    The premise is extraordinarily interesting and meticulously developed The question posed what if two opposed cities existed side by side with than an occasional overlap but were separated, not by an actual wall like East and West Berlin, but by the deeply enculturated habit of deliberate ignorance, a studied denial of the other, a fierce determination not to see The central dilemma when a murder is committed in one city, and the body is dumped in the other, how do the detectives investigate the crime without violating the taboos of their society The first third of the book and a brief coda at the end are filled with symbolic resonance Unfortunately, however, the mystery itself is conventional, the action predictable, and the murderer easily guessed The second third is less effective than the first, and the final section less effective still.If Mieville had embodied the symbolic...

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    Wow Okay, I m definitely fangirling for China Mi ville I love his limitless imagination, the skill to effortlessly make an unbelievable premise feel real, and ability to turn any setting and place into a true protagonist.SOME SPOILERS MAY HAVE CREEPED IN SOMEHOW, SO BE WARNEDThis is my first non Bas Lag novel, set in the or less real world But no reason to worry this remains as much of weird fiction as anything else by His Chinaness As Mi ville tries to write a novel in every genre of fiction, this time he tackles a hardboiled noir crime mystery. A murder of a young woman, investigated by a slightly cynical but good and incorruptible detective Tyador Borl of Beszel Extreme Crime Squad, quickly evolves into a much larger mystery plot It is a detective story, a hard boiled crime with all the specifics and peculiarities of this genre We have a murder mystery, high reliance on dialogue, fast paced plot, many logical leaps and jumps that may confuse the reader about certain plot points but that still shed light on the story as a whole We are all philosophers here where I am, and we debate among many other things the question of where it is that we live. But the mystery plot, albeit engaging and interesting, feels just as an excuse to introduce t...

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    Full on This book is special It s my first encounter with China Mieville and I m very intrigued to read What a mind bending story The 2 city concept is so challenging fantastic, not just a great idea but something very hard to really grasp in detail.The language is brilliant and fits perfectly in creating this noir detective story feel, the way the story is told, unfolding it layer by layer without ever being presented with a final truth and creating an atmosphere of strangeness and fascination In other books I would have taken issue with the lack of explanations starting very soon in the book But the way Mieville presents the mysteries and the what the hell is happening here is so authentic It s written from the perspective of the main character and he is not explaining himself to the reader.It didn t take long for me to get hooked on the story and there wasn t a moment of slowness in it for me In my edition there was an interview with the author at the end, which I...

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    AN AMAZING, EARTH SHATTERING MAKE UP SEXUAL READING EXPERIENCE 6.0 stars We all know that relationships have there ups and downs and that spats are going to happen even to the strongest of them Well a few months ago, after having a couple of incredible years with China Mieville s books, i.e., Perdido Street Station and The Scar and , both of which are among my ALL TIME FAVORITESsuddenly turmoil The cause of the turmoil was Un Lun Dun, which I just did not like and thought was UGH LAME DUMB All of sudden, what I thought was going to be a story book, literary bromance was rife with doubts, questions and a whole lot of uncertainty Well all that is past like gas my friends I am here to tell you that The City The City is the best apology make up reading experience I have ever had and has recharged my bookish man crush on CM until it is once again at full throb I mean WOW WOW WUBBZY everyone, this story is pure liquid gold, highly literate and puts the PRO back in prose in mind bombing fashion What I once might have said with irony, I now say with convictionCHINAMIEVILLEISTHE MAN Okay, as I imagine my gush will continue throughout this written version of a standing ovation, let me at least thumbnail the plot for you as it is a corker The book is framed as a crime mystery detective thriller The main character is Tyador Borlu, a detective in the Extreme Crime Squad ECS for the City of Beszel, who is investigating the b...

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    What at first simply seems interesting the overlapping geographical space of the two distinct cities of Beszel and Ul Qoma by turns becomes an absorbing part of the mystery in China Mieville s The City the City As Extreme Crime Squad Inspector Borlu investigates the death of archaeology student, Mahalia Geary, it quickly becomes clear that so much is going on than just a murder Mieville s novel combines weird fiction the genre with which Mieville is associated with the police procedural in the tone of noir detective fiction It took me a bit of time to fully immerse myself in this world, but once I did I really enjoyed it The way Mieville delineates the shared geographical spaces of the two cities and the rules surrounding what constitutes Beszel and what Ul Qoma is really incredible How the residents of the two cities must upon penalty of Breach treat the cities becomes inseparable from the plot solving the murder Admittedly, solving the case takes a backseat to the novel s other concerns Still, it s interesting to see how residents of Beszel and Ul Qoma learn how to unsee what isn t really part of their world This is something I think happens in lots of places we live What, for instance, constitutes the city we live in and that which we refuse to see or acknowledge in the same city If residents of either Beszel or Ul Qoma want to visit the other city, they must cross over at a designated point with proper paperw...

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    4.5ish stars This is a simple, classic noir detective story Except it s anything but a simple, classic noir detective story The story at the heart of the novel isn t really out of the ordinary But the way it takes place is bonkers The setting of the book is in two separate cities existing within the same geographical grosstopical area How is that possible It s honestly pretty hard to figure out at first There s very little exposition we re thrown into this world, having it explained in bits and pieces through the eyes of our narrator Inspector Tyador Borlu is from the Extreme Crime Squad in Beszel, one of the titular Cities and he s got a mystery on his handsMieville gives us an absolutely brilliant interpretation of segregation, cultural differences, political influence, governmental authority etc in hi...

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    I am throwing the towel at 35% As per my 50% rule i will not rate the novel However, I will share my motive for quitting The writing was too difficult I thought is was only because my English is not my first language although i don t usually have problems but i read complains by native speakers so The struggle to unders...

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    O Happy FaultI have never underestimated China Mieville s writing talent But until recently I also hadn t realized the depths of his thought The City the City is not merely a cleverly structured detective novel, it is also a rather profound anthropological analysis.The premise of the book is that the City in question is divided in two by a sort of psychological Iron Curtain, sometimes at the level of individual dwellings The two parts of the City intertwine physically, but the residents of each half are not permitted to see, hear, smell, touch, or otherwise interact with the residents of the other half Each population is restricted to its designated spaces in which everyone lives apparently normal lives but with no awareness of the others who live among them.Residents from each half may visit the other half by transferring through a sort of border tunnel in the middle of the City Having crossed from one half to the other, the visitor is required to participate fully in its life He or she must unsee everything with which he is intimately familiar from his half Any lapse in this protocol is considered a Breach and is dealt with harshly as a matter of law.There are certainly a variety of ways in which Mieville s imagination can be interpreted for example, as a representation of the human psychological ability to simply ignore what it does not wish to see or as the regre...

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    There s a series of random and implausible crises that make no sense other than if you believe the most dramatic possible shit And there s a dead girl. That quote from a character in the book, sums this up very well.I enjoyed the concept, the wordplay, and the impossibility of categorisation it s a detective story, with strong political themes, but it s set in a world that is not exactly dystopian or futuristic or fantastic but it isn t quite realistic either.The CitiesThe title relates to a divided city that operates as separate cities, but it s not like Berlin, Budapest, Belfast, Nicosia or Jerusalem because view spoiler the two cities Bes el and Ul Qoma occupy the same geographical space Instead, the separation is psychological and sensorial citizens of each learn to unsee, unhear and even unsmell anything from the other city If they don t, they breach , a...

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    I see why so many people are underwhelmed by The City and The City, China Mi ville s strange and wonderful homage to the mystery genre and his mother.It is because while The City and The City is both of those things, it is also and powerfully a love letter to his fans and an act of oeuvre snobbery of the first order.What Mi ville has done is to build a story upon his favourite themes, and to require that his audience is familiar with other occurrences of these themes in his work to fully appreciate what he s done perhaps inadvertently, but there it is The unseen and the uncity occur throughout his work in varying forms, but they come together in The City and The City with an intensity and concreteness that he has only flirted with before.Saul Garamond King Rat , Silas Fennec The Scar , Toro Spiral Jacobs Iron Council , The Weaver Perdido Street Station , are all characters that move unseen Each have their own reasons for moving unseen and their own methods for achieving it, but all of them move in and through the spaces that others cannot see or fail to see or choose not to see And all of the motives and reasons for unseeing these characters culminate in the Beszel Ul Qoma Breach...

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