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EPUB ✰ Jeds Revenge  Author Beverly Havlir – Sigilo.us
  • ebook
  • 0 pages
  • Jeds Revenge
  • Beverly Havlir
  • English
  • 05 September 2018
  • 9781419904257

Jeds Revenge Jed S Revenge By Beverly Havlir Caught In A Desperate Situation, Kate McAllister Has Two Choices Either Lose Her Virginity ASAP, Or Be Given To A Sadistic Monster Who Prizes Innocence Above All Else Deep In A Pagan Dungeon, A Tightly Bound Prisoner Is The Perfect Man For Her Needs Seducing A Bound Man Is Not High On Her List Of Things To Do, But She Gets The Job Done.and Finds Unbelievable Pleasure While She Does It Little Does She Know That The Events Of That Night Will Seal Her Fate Forever Jed, A Karn Alian Cyborg Warrior, Was Made To Fight And Kill For Years, He S Searched For Kate, Intent On Seeking Revenge An Eye For An Eye She Took From Him, Now He Will Take Pleasure From Her When He Finds Kate, Jed Takes Her Prisoner But Once Is Not Enough He Wants Needs Revenge Has Never Been So Sweet.

After running around doing totally unglamorous chores all day, Beverly writes at night when all is quiet and she is at last alone Exhaustion disappears as soon as she sits down in front of her computer, doing what she loves best writing stories that bring women s fantasies to life.She loves to hear from readers You can email her at beverly beverlyhavlirbooks.com

10 thoughts on “Jeds Revenge

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    Very very awful book The worst was the cover, it made my eyes sting At the beginning I was interested in the book but the book turned to page after page of sex and sex and sex They story is about a Cyborg and this mean action, war, adventures and a conflect between the two worlds The funny thing is Jed was a jealous and possessive person but he found it is OK to share Kate with his friend WHAT I didn t know it was threesome and why ...

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    Another awful cover, I should make that one of my bookshelves Awful Covers The woman on the front looks like a corpse The book itself was good, although why a cyborg from another planet would be named Jed, I do not understand Unless it was the hillbilly planet, then that would make sense Oh wait, it s JEB that s hillbilly, never mind.Kate and her sister go to another planet to sneak her mother s death shroud off that she has to have for the afterlife if she ever dies They re captured by her mother s people who are pretty awful Kate will be sold for guns or the space version of them to a sexually sadistic king who likes the virgins So, she goes to the prison and rapes Logan She can dress it all up with he was hard so he must have wanted it but he was fighting it and kept telling her in his language to get off of him He s was strapped down on a table He just lost his childhood love who was killed by her people and so having sex with one of them was the last thing he wanted She didn t understand or didn t want to understand 6 years later he s never forgotten or forgiven, so he kidnaps her and has his way with her while she s strapped down He doesn t really care about the reasons and I think she s not as remorseful as she should be She s all indignant about the way he s treating her but girly you rape...

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    Awful Female MC refuse to call her a heroine rapes the Male MC They never call it that, but that s what it is It s supposed to be ok because what, he was hard An erection is a physical reaction and not n...

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