[Download] ➶ My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy Author Nora Titone – Sigilo.us

[Download] ➶ My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy Author Nora Titone – Sigilo.us
  • Hardcover
  • 479 pages
  • My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy
  • Nora Titone
  • English
  • 05 April 2017
  • 9781416586050

My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American TragedyThe Scene Of John Wilkes Booth Shooting Abraham Lincoln In Ford S Theatre Is Among The Most Vivid And Indelible Images In American History The Literal Story Of What Happened On April 14, 1865, Is Familiar Lincoln Was Killed By John Wilkes Booth, A Lunatic Enraged By The Union Victory And The Prospect Of Black Citizenship Yet Who Booth Really Was Besides A Killer Is Less Well Known The Magnitude Of His Crime Has Obscured For Generations A Startling Personal Story That Was Integral To His Motivation My Thoughts Be Bloody, A Sweeping Family Saga, Revives An Extraordinary Figure Whose Name Has Been Missing, Until Now, From The Story Of President Lincoln S Death Edwin Booth, John Wilkes S Older Brother By Four Years, Was In His Day The Biggest Star Of The American Stage He Won His Celebrity At The Precocious Age Of Nineteen, Before The Civil War Began, When John Wilkes Was A Schoolboy Without An Account Of Edwin Booth, Author Nora Titone Argues, The Real Story Of Lincoln S Assassin Has Never Been Told Using An Array Of Private Letters, Diaries, And Reminiscences Of The Booth Family, Titone Has Uncovered A Hidden History That Reveals The Reasons Why John Wilkes Booth Became This Country S Most Notorious Assassin These Ambitious Brothers, Born To Theatrical Parents, Enacted A Tale Of Mutual Jealousy And Resentment Worthy Of A Shakespearean Tragedy From Childhood, The Stage Struck Brothers Were Rivals For The Approval Of Their Father, Legendary British Actor Junius Brutus Booth After His Death, Edwin And John Wilkes Were Locked In A Fierce Contest To Claim His Legacy Of Fame This Strange Family History And Powerful Sibling Rivalry Were The Crucibles Of John Wilkes S Character, Exacerbating His Political Passions And Driving Him Into A Life Of Conspiracy To Re Create The Lost World Of Edwin And John Wilkes Booth, This Book Takes Readers On A Panoramic Tour Of Nineteenth Century America, From The Streets Of 1840s Balti To The Gold Fields Of California, From The Jungles Of The Isthmus Of Panama To The Glittering Mansions Of Gilded Age New York Edwin, Ruthlessly Competitive And Gifted, Did Everything He Could To Lock His Younger Brother Out Of The Theatrical Game As He Came Of Age, John Wilkes Found His Plans For Stardom Thwarted By His Older Sibling S Meteoric Rise Their Divergent Paths Edwin S An Upward Race To Riches And Social Prominence, And John S A Downward Spiral Into Failure And Obscurity Kept Pace With The Hardening Of Their Opposite Political Views And Their Mutual Dislike The Details Of The Conspiracy To Kill Lincoln Have Been Well Documented Elsewhere My Thoughts Be Bloody Tells A New Story, One That Explains For The First Time Why Lincoln S Assassin Decided To Conspire Against The President In The First Place, And Sets That Decision In The Context Of A Bitterly Divided Family And Nation By The End Of This Riveting Journey, Readers Will See Abraham Lincoln S Death Less As The Result Of The War Between The North And South And As The Climax Of A Dark Struggle Between Two Brothers Who Never Wore The Uniform Of Soldiers, Except On Stage.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy book, this is one of the most wanted Nora Titone author readers around the world.

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    Imagine hearing that one of the Baldwin Brothers or one of Martin Sheen s sons had just shot the President That was the reaction of the public the day after Lincoln was murdered There was no scrounging around looking for information on some obscure lone gunman like the media has been forced to do in these modern times The theater going public of the day recognized the name of John Wilkes Booth immediately He was the son of Junius Brutus Booth, one of first American theatrical stars and brother to Edwin Booth who was just as famous in his own right While brother Edwin amassed a fortune and basked in critical praise in Boston and New York John Wilkes worked the intense and lower paying circuits in the south and mid west specializing in fight scenes and swordplay While he was popular and good looking he was the Sylvester Stallone of his day.My Thoughts be Bloody is the story of an acting family They were famous and well off but at the same time not quite accepted in polite society They lived in a no man s land between the classes and add to the fact that the children were also illegitimate It was a strange existence.John Wilkes found acceptance in the south as did Edwin in the North Edwin settled down and married while John was constantly in trouble The rifts a...

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    The author, Nora Titone, grabbed me from the very first paragraph, in which she describes how Grover Cleveland, President of the United States, battles a blizzard to give a speech at a gala feast that would be attended by Mark Twain and hundreds of the leading figures of 1892 The honoree of the night would be an actor named Booth, an actor with strong ties to President Lincoln, probably the best known actor of his day No, not John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Father Abraham, but rather, his brother, Edwin Booth Thus begins a mesmerizing account of the growth and near death by civil war of a young nation told through the lives of two men who participated in, either directly or indirectly, nearly every important event of the times From the Gold Rush to the hanging of John Brown to the New York draft riots and of course the Civil War and the assassination of Lincoln Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth had front row seats These nation changing events are described by the author like the sharp je...

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    Those Booth boys really learned their ABCs alcoholism, bigamy, child abuse, depression, egotism, ferocity, gambling, hotheadedness, infamy, jealousy, knuckleheadedness, lowhanded behavior, megalomania, narcissism, over reaching, pettiness, ruthlessness, STDs, truculence, underhandedness, wild mood swings, xenophobia, and I leave q and z for you to discover Alice Miller once wrote a book about how childhood trauma can pro...

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    Most of us have been taught that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth And most of us know little else about the assassin other than the fact that he had been an actor This book delves into the life of John Wilkes Booth Ms.Titone s meticulous, documented research traces the history of the Booth family, and provides litt...

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    Started out great, with a wealth of info about 19th century America and theatre world of that time Nora Titone builds up this fantastic rivalry between the brothers Booth, with John Wilkes coming out on the bottom each time Then, in the final chapter, it ends in a disappointing way After all the chapters going into the rivalry and how it may have built up to JW s shooting of Lincoln, it reports the assassination itself, presumably the climactic part of the book, in a hurried, impersonal way She doesn t delve into what Booth may have been thinking on the run, or the motivations that he wrote of in his diary History has always recorded that Booth shot Lincoln because he thought in his demented mind that Lincoln intended to make himself a king like Julius Caesar He was also angry over the end of slavery I get the feeling that the author rushed through to the end because to go into any of this detail would ruin her thesis of John Wilkes shooting the Prez over jealousy of his brother.She does write some interesting things I never knew before Edwin had an...

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    My Thoughts Be Bloody, The Bitter Rivalry That Led to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Nora Titone, published by Free Press.Category History Publication Date May 31, 2011An absolute must read for the historian or anyone interested in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln Nora Titone puts a unique and interesting turn on his murder A book that is totally dedicated to the Booth family, and the events leading up to Lincoln s assassination.The history of the Booth family begins with Junius Brutus Booth who was a celebrated Shakespearian actor Junius was at the top of his career in England when he left his wife for a younger woman Junius had to leave England for America with his new wife as he still remained married to his first wife They made a new life for themselves in America, with no one the wiser, and started a family while Junius became the most prominent actor in his new country Plagued with alcoholism and depression he died leaving a bitter rivalry between two of his sons, Edwin and John Edwin became a great actor while John found himself an actor of dubious talent, always in the shadow of his brother John Edwin became the head of the large and family and was responsible for their well being He was able to provide handsomely for them because of this fame and the monetary rewards it afforded him The outbreak of the Civil War widened the gap between the brothers as they took different sides in the conflict, leading to the Lincoln ...

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    This highly readable work is a major accomplishment for any writer, especially a first time author The book is well planned and paced It starts with a description of Edwin Booth s life in as a leader in society in 1892 Then, the family story begins in a straight chronology starting with 1821 with Junius Brutus Booth to a smooth transition to the next generation of Edwin and John Wilkes This is a powerful story on its own, and Nora Titone s skills as a researcher and writer bring it to full fruition.There is a lot here to contemplate, the most compelling being the portrait of an assassin You can see how the chip on JW Booth s shoulder only grows His political passion is informed by his own inability to claim what he believes is a birth right You see his psychology develop and how he came to defend slavery despite being in a family that bought the freedom of its workers Other interesting topics include family dynamics birth order, gender, responsibility and...

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    This book give us pause to consider the actual possible reasons for John Wilkes Booth perpetrating the ultimate crime of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln She shows the possiblity of sibling rivalry and the relatively early loss of the father that John so much admired, and the possible psychological effects both of these issues could have had on John Titone also helps us learn about the Booth family, and not just John Wilkes For example, she inform...

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    I really, really liked reading this book It combined everything I like in a nonfiction history a new angle on a subject that I was already interested in this case in this case, the book offers a new take on John Wilkes Booth s motivations behind the assassination of Lincoln , and a look into a world that was previously obscured to me in this case, the world of 19th century American theater Titone s fascinating thesis is that it was the stage rivalry between Edwin and John Wilkes that led the latter to eventually try to achieve fame in a different and darker arena I knew next to nothing about Edwin Booth, and even less about the Booth family in general It turns out the back story behind that family s immigration to America, and the rise of Junius Brutus Booth the father of Edwin and John Wilkes to become one of America s preeminent actors, makes for a compelling story in its own right In brief, as Titone describes it, young Junius, after first achieving success on the stages of London, seduces a teenaged Covent Garden flower girl to run off to America with him, to live out Byronic ideals of free love and democracy Junius having left a LEGAL WIFE AND SON behind in England, procee...

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    This is an excellent history of 2 brothers and a father and a family It is one big group of very interesting and super dysfunctional people who had the distinction of being tied to the murder of a presidentTHE President The chapters on the father, Junius Brutus Booth, were fascinating and are a prime illustration of that old sins of the father thingie Joseph Kennedy JB was the most famous actor of his time, but had a pretty crazy life His kids had a variety of problems, but some followed their dad onto the stage This book discusses in greatest detail the brothers Edwin and John Wilkes Edwin inherited his father s genius and was famous until almost the end of that century, despite some serious addictive issues Wilkes, who I never, ever, ever thought I would feel an ounce of sympathy for, turns out to be a some whatsorta sympathetic figure Obviously he was a bastard, literally and historically He was also a good looking, but bad acting little brother to the best actor in the country He wanted to be rich and famous and respected, but he couldn t be any He even lost the equivalent of 240,000 in today s money on a plan to strike it rich drilling for oil, just months before that fateful and fatal April of 1865 And then he did it and changed everything for his family and the country and of course for himself as he only last 11 days An interesting side note is that among the items taken off the body of JW Booth a...

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