[PDF / Epub] ☉ Man Trouble ❤ Sabine Ferruci – Sigilo.us

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Man Trouble  ❤ Sabine Ferruci – Sigilo.us
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  • Man Trouble
  • Sabine Ferruci
  • 22 March 2018

Man Trouble Beth Nash Swenson Is A Widow And Single Mother Whose Two Year Hibernation Is Disturbed By Friends Who Coax Her Out For An Evening At A Honky Tonk She Finds Herself Being Two Stepped Around The Dance Floor By A Striking Stranger Who Turns Out To Be The Surly Owner Of The Construction Company That Botched Her Bedroom Addition Jack Agrees To Take Care Of The Repairs Personally So That His Daughter Can Play With Beth S Two Boys And So He Can Maneuver The Hot Widow Into Some Quality Horizontal Time Rating Spicy.

Sabine Ferruci has tended bar as well as sick patients and written about everything from hospital laundry to B 17 WASP pilots Like all military spouses, she has become a master of adaptability She lives in the southeastern United States, maintaining the home base for a traveling spouse and wonderful, wandering children who inherited his genetic code for adventure.

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    I don t know what it was about this book, but I really, really enjoyed it There s something about this author s writing styleit s different, and I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t put it down Maybe it was the characters too Half the time the hero divorced, single dad contractor Jack O Brien was a real a , yet somehow I liked him, and was intrigued by him He could be rude, crude, argumentative and moody, yet also sweet, vulnerable, kind and definitely sexy The heroine widowed, single mom, successful illustrator Beth Nash had her snarky moments with Jack, but most of the time she had the patience of a saint with him I liked the whole lust hate thing they had goingJack didn t know what it was liked to love or be loved, and Beth was just the woman to teach him Jack The plot of the book is simple Beth is recently widowed, and her house needed some repairs Jack s company did some of the work, but Beth is unhappy with it and refused to pay Beth and Jack meet in a bar on a rare night out for both of them, share a heated dance fil...

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    I felt the same way about this book as Auntee did so go read her review, LOL After a day of thinking about my lame review I decided to add to it by saying One of the things that appealed to me about this book was that the hero was 40 and the heroine 33 They were both mature and had kids What an ass he could be though I shed a few tears at the things he said to her and would h...

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    What I really liked about this book was that it felt so real Just a sweet story about 2 single parents trying to do right by their children and falling in love in the process Even though Jack was a self proclaimed bastard and at times he certainly lived up to his reputationI really felt for him and understood why he was...

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    Man Trouble by Sabine Ferucci has certainly delivered me from the funk I was in after my last two reads which turned out to be disappointing I am so very glad that I took the chance and obtained myself a copy of this delectable read which turned out to be fun, entertaining and sexy as hell The hero Jack O Brien who is about to turn 40 is a man who has had than his fair share of disappointments in life A single dad with his 6 year old daughter Laurie, Jack is a man who is leery of commitment, marriage and the whole lot that goes along with it, not surprising given his past encounter with marriage and the ugly divorce that had followed.33 year old Elizabeth Nash Swenson is a single mother with two boys and had lost her husband almost two years back Beth is a woman stuck in her past refusing to let go of the memories of her precious husband Tim until Jack invades her life, a man as different from Tim as night is to day.When Jack approaches the woman least likely to turn stalkerish in a bar, he has no idea that Beth is the woman who has been refusing to pay his construction company for services rendered Before he knows it, he has kissed her senseless and promised her that he would come around her place to find out what the problem was all about.When Jack strikes a bargain with Beth that he would finish up whatever repairs at her place personally, this paves the path in which their repressed feelings of red hot desire for one anoth...

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    I really really loved this and I m just going to have a little gush fest for a few minutes.This book is going straight into my fav s list and is a definite feel good re read I was totally bowled over it The characters captivated me with a very real story about two people learning how to have a new relationship, after death and divorce, and making a few mistakes along the way They were perfect in their imperfection, if you like.Now, I have to tell you that I have fallen completely in love with Jack He was rude, crude and mean sometimes, but he d had it rough in the past and genuinely didn t know what it was like to love and be loved He was very decent, honest and loving and his feelings for Beth sent him in to such a tailspin that I don t think he knew whether he was coming or going He had such a vulnerability about his character that you just want to pick him up and love him Even when he is being a petulant jackass and helplessly sabotaging himself, I just loved him even .I adored Beth I always have huge a soft spot for Widowed mothers and she shares the top spot with Tamara from Flat Out Sexy as my favourite She was everything I would hope to be in that situation strong, loving, emotional, capable, incredibly kind and just doing her very best to make a good life for herself and her children I loved how she handled Jack She was understanding and behaved very adult with him I was g...

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    Beth Nash Swenson, a widow, has a house addition that she refuses to pay for In an attempt to socialize her, her friends get her to go out By chance she ends up meeting a guy who she finds herself being attracted to, then finds out that he is the owner of the company she refuses to pay She gets him to take a look, but getting her addition finished might get her than just another useable bathroom.Jack O Brien, an owner of a construction company, has worked hard to get where he is The offer of looking at the addition and fixing it himself seems to be his chance to get a few other things besides the payment from Beth like home cooked meals, playmates for his daughter, and getting into her bed He might end up getting a lot though, possibly something he never thought of having for himself.Jack was burned in his previous marriage, so he thinks all women have ulterior motives and are only good for the occasional screw Beth was devastated by her husband s death and will not let him go Jack agreeing to fix the addition to her house seems to be a win win f...

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    I thought Beth put up with too much There s being understanding and there s having some shame esteem.

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