[Download] ➾ The Hostage Queen (Marguerite de Valois #1) By Freda Lightfoot – Sigilo.us

[Download] ➾ The Hostage Queen (Marguerite de Valois #1)  By Freda Lightfoot – Sigilo.us
  • Hardcover
  • 260 pages
  • The Hostage Queen (Marguerite de Valois #1)
  • Freda Lightfoot
  • English
  • 06 May 2018
  • 9780727868886

The Hostage Queen (Marguerite de Valois #1) A Brand New Historical Novel From A Well Loved Storyteller Marguerite De Valois, The Most Beautiful Woman In The French Court, Is The Subject Of Great Intrigue She Loves Henri Of Guise, But Is Married Off To Henry Of Navarre, Which Her Mother Hopes Will Bring Peace To The Realm But, Within Days, The Streets Of Paris Are Awash With Blood, And Marguerite And Her New Husband Are Held Hostage By Her Own Family Can They Ever Hope To Escape Alive In A Court Rife With Murder, Jealousy And The Hunger For Power, It Will Not Be An Easy Task.


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    3 stars It was good Let no man say that marriages are made in heaven the gods would not commit so great an injustice All the harm that ever came to me in life came through marriage, the greatest calamity that ever befell me Marguerite of NavarrInteresting to see a take on history from Catherine s daughter s perspective Those two had the epitome of a dysfunctional mother daughter relationship I would have preferred if the novel spent time focusing on Henry of Navarre as well, but hope to learn about him in the next two books in the series Favorite Quote But why should a husband be allowed to spread his favours as he wishes, but not his wife First Sentence The hot summer sun seared through the drawn curtains of th...

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    This was a book that I really wanted to like, but try as I could, I could not get past the major flaws in this one, and they are pretty big Mostly, the author spends a great deal of the book telling me what is happening, not showing it to me, and there was...

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    This novel is about Margot of Valois, who s forced by her ruthless mother, Catherine de Medici, to marry Henry of Navarre despite her love for Henri, duc de Guise As the tensions between the Catholics and the Huguenots constantly threaten to explode, Margot must navigate the treacherous French court, where her three brothers are constantly scheming against each other and Margot.I found this novel disappointing There s comparatively little dialogue, and much of it is of the expository, As you know, Bob, variety at one point, the unfortunate Henri of Guise, in bed with Margot, is made to stop his caressing to give her a lecture on current events which she hardly needs Even the bankers refuse to offer him any credit, yet he is in dire need of funds for he is in terror that Philip II may bring his armies out of the Netherlands and invade France Maybe being made to deliver speeches like this explains why there s so little chemistry between these lovers.There are some lively moments in the prose, especially when the cheerfully cynical Catherine de Medici comes upon the scene, but...

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    This was a very good book I enjoyed the author s writing style I am going to try a few other of her books She made the character of Queen Margot come alive for me I need to do some research now to see if she lives ha...

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    The full review is available on The Basic Bookworm Hostage Queen by Freda Lightfoot is a historical fiction novel, which explores the life of Catherine de Medici and her children following the death of Francis II I happened upon this book while I was wandering around the library, and I couldn t stop thinking about it until I borrowed it I really enjoyed it but there were some things that I found a little disappointing.Growing up, Margot had fallen in love with Henri, Duke of Guise They spent so much time together that Margot believed her mother Catherine de Medici would allow them to marry Of course, things don t run as smoothly as Margot had hoped, especially when her brother Charles and her mother demand that she marry Henry of Navarre a country bumpkin, who she shares no common interests with After their wedding, a prominent Admiral is found murdered and ignites an all out religious war between Catholics and Protestants While the body count rises, Margot s husband is in danger and it is up to her to plead her mother and brother to spare him For their safety, Margot and Henry are imprisoned in the Louvre where they are forced to spend time in a perverse and dangerous court As Margot spends time at court, she becomes the centre of ma...

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    The story of Marguerite of Valois is as shocking as it is tragic She lived in tumultous times Although, the author did her research, I did not appreciate the info dumps in every chapter Also, what 13 year old talks like this It was unfair of her to attempt this nonsense of a reconcilitaion Th order certainly did not come from the King Charles has far too much sensitivity Nevertheless, the love between Marguerite and Duc de Guise is portrayed well and I found myself rooting for them I was disappointed when Marguerite refused to divorce Henry of Navarre and marry Duc de Guise, but I understood the sacrifice she made She did what was right and that made me respect her even It s a well wr...

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    Utter trash I may well have purchased this book for a very low price but that doesn t make it any less painful.In the fifty pages or so that I read I felt that there are very few descriptions of 16th century France and if you took out a few words here and there it could be any time, any ...

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    I got into this book right away, it had a great beginning It was just the last 1 8th of the book that hit the rocks for me I ve seen it happen too many times to count, the end is in sight so the author seems to rush things along and it s just too fast and furious It loses it s substance somehow and seems like a cop out to me I have to wonder why Are they just tired of writing it So sick of the story and research they ...

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    I enjoyed this not very publicized book Luckily being on Goodreads, it was brought to my attention There is a lot of history packed into all 260 pages It helps to know a bit about it before you read it It is about Marguerite de Valois Catherine de Medici s stubborn and beautiful daughter I assumed by the title, ...

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    After reading C M Gortner s novel about Catherine d Medici I wanted to read a novel featuring her daughter Margot but didn t wish to read Dumas I found this novel rather lacklustre While some sections were fine and the author does write the love scenes very well too much of the book felt like reading non fiction makin...

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