[PDF / Epub] ❤ Suspicion (Private, #10) ✅ Kate Brian – Sigilo.us

[PDF / Epub] ❤ Suspicion (Private, #10) ✅ Kate Brian – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 211 pages
  • Suspicion (Private, #10)
  • Kate Brian
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9781847387394

Suspicion (Private, #10)Reed Brennan Thought That A Winter Break In The Islands With Some Of The Billings Girls, Old And New, Was Just What She Needed To Recover From Her Traumatic Last Term At Easton At First Everything Is Perfect But Then Things Take A Sinister Turn And Suddenly Reed Finds Herself In Danger Once.

Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name

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    Even though this series has never been realistic, it was nevertheless entertaining and intriguing, keeping me looking forward to the new installment But now this series has gone from unrealistic to downright ridiculous Reed has turned into a one woman circus She attracts jerks, jealous psychos, murderers and stalkers like moths to a flame I am considering abandoning this series, something that I hadn t considered before, that s h...

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    love love love the private series they have to be my favorite teen non fantasy paranormal series.i love the dark air they have about them, it makes them different from a typical mean girl series kate brian does a wonderful job i was soooo overjoyed when i saw this book sitting on the bookstore shelf, excpet for the fact if was short but i really liked this book, i love that the attempts on Reed s life were dangerous and succesful than they have been in the past, with the person trying to kill her being an adult i love the whole kidnapped thing escpecially her hallucinations i think the most touching moment in the WHOLE series was the part when she was leaving the island As the helicopter lurched forward, flying low over the darkend water I looked back at the island at my beach I could have sworn i saw Thomas standing there in his white T shirt smiling at me as he waved goodbye i think my heart sighed a little it was just so damn touching definatly made the book deep i think thats going to be my favorite part in the WHOLE series.I also think that Upton is my favorite for Reed I just love them together and i think that you get a different side of Reed with him that and the fact that he s enlish LOVE engl...

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    Ok this is where the series ends for me, I won t be continuing This just took a while new turn I feel this series is plot on top of plot, nothing is consistent from the start or building from the start The whole kidnapping thing, bec...

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    Suspicion is about how Reed was rescued after being thrown off the boat litterally She tries to prove that Poppy tried to kill her since she hates her, she learns about Uptons past affair with a older women She get s kidnapped and put onto a deserted island on while she s holding on to her life she becomes delusional and thinks she sees her dead ex Tommy In the end the killer didn t turn out to be Poppy since they came to the realization that she s not smart enough, it was someone no one ever expected I m giving it a text to text because it reminds me of the Pretty Little Liars series With all the killings and no one knowing who it is plus there all rich the only diffrence is that the girls in Private go to a boarding school Best friends betraying bestfriends and killers pltting there next kill I gaveit 5 stars becuase of the cliff hanger in the last book Then only thing that ran through my mind was is Reed dead Did Poppy really try to kill ...

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    Suspicion begins where Paradise Lost ended Reed is mysteriously pushed off a yacht during a party and is treading water She s eventually rescued by Sawyer and later taken to the hospital for observation Terrified that someone tried to kill her, she immediately decides to go home However, Noelle talks her into staying for the remainder of their vacation During this time, Reed s life is threatened again, she learns the secret that Upton has been keeping and the reader learns the identity of the person who wants Reed out of the picture.I have to say this edition to the Private series was my least favorite I thought it was mostly a filler book and found myself struggling to stay focused while reading The saving grace was the last chapter when Reed and her friends returned to Easton Academy from winter break The unexpected has happened to their beloved Billings House Most importantly, there s a new...

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    took us long enough to figure out whose been bothering reed and i mean i loved upton through and through throughout the whole book, i mean he means wells and tries to be a good guy but he just has this messed up past being a womanizer however these books are beginning to become repetitive, same old plot line some one is out to get reed and she tells her friends that someone is stalking her they don t believe her that is until some drastic things happen t...

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    I read this in the Caribbean, where the majority of this book takes place, so that was really cool As far as the story goes, this one was crazy Poor Reed She s been through so much in 10 books, and there s to come I really liked seeing a sweeter side of Noelle in this...

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    I normally never flag my reviews as having spoilers because I normally avoid them like the plague I hate, hate, HATE having anything ruined or even mildly tainted by having foreknowledge of it But for the tenth book in the Private series, I have to make an exception It sucked so hard I know I can t help but give specifics in explaining my hatred for it, particularly given that I have always been a fan of this series and generally rate it highly.I was no great fan of the ninth book Paradise Lost , and was chagrined that this tenth one finds the Billings Girls still on St Barths, along with a crew of indistinguishable meanies and hangers on who the eff is West and the completely not believable love interest, Upton Giles am I the only woman on earth who could give a rat s about British accents I talked in my review of the ninth book about my hatred of vacation books, but this one really pushes it If you ve read others in this series you know that they usually begin with the action from the previous book having finished, even if it ended in a cliffhanger e.g., at the end of book 8, S...

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    When I was sent this book to review, I wasn t too sure if I would enjoy it The Private series is aimed at the fans of Gossip Girl, and from what I ve heard about Gossip Girl, I m pretty sure it s not my time type of thing I m not one for popular, superficial girls, it just doesn t entertain me I thought I would give Suspicion a go anyway, to see if I would be surprised Unfortunately, I wasn t.Suspicion is the 11th book in the Private series, but it s readable as a standalone the plot is self contained, and even though you come across characters that have obviously been in the previous books, and events from previous books are mentioned, but if you can over look that you don t know about these things being referred to as they re not entirely important to this story, it s fine.However, I just didn t enjoy it I wasn t all that interested in the main character Reed, and found her to be too wrapped in things I personally find very young and unimportant for example, several times she wonders why one of her exes, who now has a girlfriend, hasn t gotten in touch with her while she s on holiday with the g...

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    When we last left Reed Brennen, she was treading water in the middle of the ocean in a couture ball gown When we meet Reed again, well, she s still treading She s been pushed of a boat on Casino Night in St Barths While she thought this would be a great way to relax after finding out her roommate at Easton was trying to kill her, it s been nothing but She s had three near death experiences, but that s nothing compared to what she s got coming Someone on the island is trying to kill her and not until she is seeing visions of her dead boyfriend do people realize how serious this is.Kate Brian AKA Kieran Scott has done it again Once I think that there can t be much drama than we ve already witnessed, my heart sinks as death looms over the characters I must admit after reading this though, an exotic vacation is not going to be in my near future I am going to be paranoid even to go to my dad s closed in pool Oh and I think I forgot to mention that the drama doesn t end in St Barths There s a little surprise waiting for the girls when they get back to Easton And my hunch after reading Paradise Lost was correct We haven t seen the last of Sawyer, and I m kind of happy...

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