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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Tiger's Child
  • Torey L. Hayden
  • Portuguese
  • 01 January 2017
  • 9789722338042

The Tiger's ChildAp S Ter Figurado Semanas Consecutivas Nas Tabelas De Livros Mais Vendidos Em Portugal, A Crian A Que N O Queria Falar Alvo De Uma Continua O Com 8 500 000 Exemplares Vendidos No Reino Unido Relativos Ao Primeiro Livro, Tra A A Hist Ria Ver Dica De Uma Crian A V Tima De Abusos Que Deixou De Comunicar Com O Mundo Neste Segundo Volume, Encontramos Sheila J Com Treze Anos E A Professora Que A Ajudou Na Altura A Lidar Com O Seu Bloqueio Inicialmente A Adolescente Mal Se Recorda Da Professora Mas Lentamente As Mem Rias V M Superf Cie Reavivando Sentimentos Hostis Como O Abandono, Inseguran A E Experi Ncias Traum Ticas Apesar De Ser Um Relato Com Contornos Negros, Traz Nos Surpreendentemente Uma Vers O Vencedora De Coragem E Perseveran A Inicialmente A Autora N O Quis Escrever A Sequela, Mas Contrariamente S Expectativas E Num Tributo A Sheila Publicou A Continua O De Uma Hist Ria De Vida Comovente.

Victoria Lynn Hayden, known as Torey L Hayden born May 21, 1951 in Livingston, Montana is a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non fiction books based on her real life experiences with teaching and counselling children with special needs.Subjects covered in her books include autism, Tourette syndrome, sexual abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, and electi

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    O Amanh de Sheila O que sucedeu a Sheila ap s a reabilita o Uma vez devolvida sociedade, j fora do alcance e influ ncia de Torey, que rumo foi o seu Perdeu se Estabilizou Regrediu Evoluiu Ser que todo o trabalho desenvolvido por Torey no sentido da sua recupera o ...

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    As a severely abused individual I related to this story I grew up non trusting and still to this day aged 29 I cannot take Sheila the beautiful little girl in this story went through hell and back, and worse still was all at such a young age A teacher, this wonderful Author Torey Hayden too this little girl under her wing, she was blessed with patients and best yet her heart was full of love, love for children, love for job, and she believed in the children she taught and cared for.In three days I have been mesmerized by One Child, and Tiger Child My heart longs to have someone like Torey in my life who gives a Dam, Whilst reading Tiger Child I was telling Sheila to run into Toreys arms, Sheila needed to be embraced, she needed to have warming loving arms wrapped around her frail body, Sheila s heart needed to know she was loved and Torey did just that.These two Books One Child.Tigers Child.I highly recommend you read these I c...

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    This is a story I read years ago and just recently revisited As a pediatric and psych nurse, I have always been a fan of Hayden s books This is the rare story that goes beyond what Hayden does in the special needs classroom with a five or six year old and actually gives us a glimpse of one of her students Sheila into early adulthood This is the sequel to, One Child.Many readers comment that they don t like this book as much as Hayden s others It has a different feel to it for sure since it s not a concentrated day in and day out accounting of dealing with a classroom full of eotionally disturbed children There are days, weeks and months that pass when Hayden doesn t even hear from Sheila and the relationship is much complicated on many levels Also, Hayden is ten years older herself and with time and circumstance, Hayden has grown and changed This book doesn t have the and they all lived h...

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    Ap s o livro A crian a que n o queria falar , esta continua o deixou me sem palavras uma mudan a brusca na atitude de Sheila, antes uma menina calma e bonita em rela o a Torey Hayden mas depois algu m selvagem devido a Tprey a ter abandonado Mostra nos a continua o e a persist ncia de Torey em ajudar a sua queri...

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    I found this book in short depressing That wonderful little girl we meet in One Child is long gone She feels confused and angry at the world To be honest I can see why she does Not only her mother leaving her but her teacher as well And then living with her good for nothing father Probably being abused at foster homes the list goes on and on As far as I m concerned she does have a reason to rant and rave at the world Also time and time again she mentions how things seemed different to her when she read One Child before it was published It honestly made me wonder about if Mrs Hayden is stretching any truths there After all, we remember what we want about history Or rather history is written by the victors, not the losers I would be rather interested to read how Shelia would remember that time and compa...

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    3,5 Gostei mais do primeiro livro, talvez por a Sheila ser uma crian a e chocar muito mais o que ia acontecendo.No entanto, este livro cont m partes t o revoltantes como no primeiro, mesmo a Sheila sendo mais velha.

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    In a follow up to ONE CHILD, Torey Hayden locates Sheila, now thirteen Once again living and working nearby, former teacher and former student reestablish their relationship Sheila assists in a summer program for emotionally disturbed children Over the next few years she experiences many ups and downs which Torey never imagined when they reconnected.I read THE TIGER S CHILD some twenty five years ago, when it was first published, in the beginning of my career as a child psychologist My feelings at the time were sadness that Sheila couldn t live up to her potential and in awe of Hayden A quarter century later gulp , I focus on Hayden s na vet and her impact on Sheila and how certain feel good in the moment boundary crossings would ultimately leave Sheila feeling abandoned.Hayden is a good soul, a gifted teacher, her heart is in the right place Sheila is her blind spot and Torey fails to anticipate many of the adolescent s actions This comes from her eternal belief in and optimism for Sheila As a mandated reported, Hayden consciously missed opportunities to turn Sheila s father in f...

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    I read One Child, and admit that I was curious what happened to Shiela However, this was definitely not what I expected Yes, we see how Sheila and Torey reconnected, but I didn t expect the story to consist of another classroom camp setting of Torrey s...

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    I didn t enjoy reading it it read like Torey Hayden s true confessions of the mistakes she made and the ways she failed to help her student She is always like, I m just your teacher, when she was obviously so much both in her mind and her student s mind.Then we have all the failures of the educational system including that f d up Least Restrictive Environment law Torey is spot on when she is skeptical of the law and says it is being implemented to save money As the mother of a special needs son who needs a pretty restrictive environment to keep him safe, I fought against that law time and time again so that he could be in classrooms with a higher teacher to student ratio and a classroom that was restrictive enough to protect him and the others around him We also have the failures of the social services agencies I mean, wtf, they keep sending her back to her dad who is a drug addict and has been selling her since she was a small girl to pay for his drugs Her uncle rapes her as a six year old thereby rendering her unable to have kids ever Dad goes to jail on drug charges but as far as I can see from the book no one is ever punished for this child s physical she has cigarette burn scars up and down her arms and sexual abuse, and her neglect The professional relationship of therapists, teachers and caregivers to needy children is a very difficult one It is necessary to bond with a child to help her, gain her tr...

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    The Tiger s Child, the sequel to Torey Hayden s One Child , I felt was not as good as One Child I do commend Torey on all the dedication that she has shown this child throughout all of the years, even after they lost contact with eachother for years, the connection still was there and brought them back together It was good to find out that Sheila survived all of the ordeals that was tossed her way and had gotten on with her life I was disappointed though on the career path that she had chosen for herself since she was a brilliant child, but in a sense totally understand the decision that she made to work at McDonald s Part of me believes that this decisi...

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