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[Read] ➻ An Echo in the Bone ➸ Diana Gabaldon – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 830 pages
  • An Echo in the Bone
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780385342469

An Echo in the BoneIn This New Epic Of Imagination, Time Travel, And Adventure, Diana Gabaldon Continues The Riveting Story Begun In Outlander Jamie Fraser Is An Eighteenth Century Highlander, An Ex Jacobite Traitor, And A Reluctant Rebel In The American Revolution His Wife, Claire Randall Fraser, Is A Surgeon From The Twentieth Century What She Knows Of The Future Compels Him To Fight What She Doesn T Know May Kill Them Both.With One Foot In America And One Foot In Scotland, Jamie And Claire S Adventure Spans The Revolution, From Sea Battles To Printshops, As Their Paths Cross With Historical Figures From Benjamin Franklin To Benedict Arnold Meanwhile, In The Relative Safety Of The Twentieth Century, Their Daughter, Brianna, And Her Husband Experience The Unfolding Drama Of The Revolutionary War Through Claire S Letters But The Letters Can T Warn Them Of The Threat That S Rising Out Of The Past To Overshadow Their Family.Diana Gabaldon S Sweeping Outlander Saga Reaches New Heights In An Echo In The Bone.

Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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    TOP TEN REASONS WHY THE OUTLANDER SERIES IS BETTER THAN THE TWILIGHT SERIES10 Heroine is not complimented on how delicious her blood smells Instead, she is told that her ass looks like two ripe melons Just what every woman wants.9 When the hero has to rescue the heroine, he doesn t merely have to run at lightning speed across the parking lot He actually has to travel halfway across the world, kill a few dozen villains, and blow up a few buildings.8 But that doesn t matter because just as often the heroine can rescue her own damn self.7 Pirates are WAY better than vampires.6 The creepy, obsessive dude is an actual villain and not the hero of the story.5 The denouement involves actual...

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    I am a devout DG Outlander fan, so of course I read Echo in the Bone as fast as I could get my mitts on itand it left me sorely disappointed I actually skipped pages She said that there were four story lines hence the four points on the Caltrop on the cover and I was excited at first But when I got into the story, I got bored with the overlong passages about William and John s intrigues Where were Jamie and Claire And why the hell can t they manage a sea voyage without trouble I actually started to wish I could read about Brianna one of my least favorite people I heard her say there was going to be another book after this one the ongoing belief was that this book was going to be the last one which is very apparent after this book that there has to be one But I feel like if she had cut half of the story out and finished the cliffhanging story lines, she could be done by now, and I could have peace of mind knowing the story is over I mean I really don t appreciate being led on for 2 3 of a book and then have four different surprise endings.Some other smaller points felt choppy dragged at points and then skipped over interesting points not enough Jamie and Claire I m going to read it again slowly to see if my opinion changes, but first I need to let the dust settle on my disappointment EDIT OK, So I ve...

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    Bloody hell, I m freaking tired So here s the deal Most of my friends here on Goodreads know that I have been listening to these cd s from the library Well, I just happened to check the status of their return because I should have had one month for them to be renewed Noooooooooooooooooo, on this book someone placed a hold and it s due soon so luckily I started listening to it a few days ago, but now I m freaking tired because I have had to listen almost non stop while reading another book Not much sleep I do not like to listen to audio books for that long even if I LOVE the narrator Anyhoo, I m done and I can take my time with the next audio I didn t like this book as much as the other ones and it didn t even make my favorites list All the other books are 5 star favorites Oh well I don t like that the family is all broken up and in different places and of course Bree, Roger and the kids are back in the real time world I must have missed the explanation at the beginning because Bree and Roger are able to read letters from Claire and Jamie I don t get it and I m not going ...

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    God, your arse looks fine, wi the wet linen of your shift clinging to it, it goes all transparent, and I can see the weight of your buttocks, like great smooth round melons I sort of wondered when I started this book if I was going into Outlander overload and that I might tire of it seeing as I have read 6 of the books in the space of 2 months or so.No, this book was wonderful, for the most part I must admit there were some parts with Lord John and William that my eyes sort of glazed over and I lost interest a bit Only so much I want to read about a boot and foot stuck in a boggy hole This is the thin time, when the beloved dead draw near The world turns inward, and the chilling air grows thick with dreams and mystery We meet the characters from the previous books Of course, Jamie and Claire are still my favourites Bloody autocorrect , I spell favourite with a fecking u It got it eventually.Roger and Brianna wonderful I love them Wee Jemmy, what a sweetie Have ye ever in the slightest doubt that I need ye , he demanded No, to the best of my knowledge, you needed me urgently the moment I saw you and I haven t had reason to think you ve got any self sufficient since I have read some reviews that say the last part of the book is somewhat rushed and ended abruptly I did not find that It was a rushed in such a way that a LOT happens, my mind was spinning Of course, its easy for me to say that as I can dive straight into Book 8 I would have died if I h...

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    The five stars are an expression of my Outlander fangirl enthusiasm, since I m incapable of objectively judging the quality of these books I d probably have given five stars to anything that wasn t a huge disappointment Which this wasn t, of course I thought it was quite good.The first couple hundred pages are admittedly a little slow We get a lot of POV from Lord John and 19 yr old William, and there is some crossover from the LJ spin off series, which I think may be confusing for people who haven t read those books I like John and William very much, but in this series I really want to read about Jamie and Claire and fortunately the book soon begins to focus on them.The last hundred pages are riveting and really quite shocking But after the earlier slow pacing they felt a little rushed, and the ending is abrupt It was made worse because I didn t realize that there is an author s note at the end, so the story stopped suddenly when I thought there were still a few pages to go If I weren t such a fangirl I would probably dock the book a star for concluding with multiple dramatic cliffhangers, which I in general dislike I don t remember the other books in this series leaving us hanging in mid scene There are also some storylines left unresolved, so even at 800 pages this felt ...

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    DG s still a PHENOMENAL writer, her talent has never been in question, but I do question her sanity after reading the last word of this hefty 814 page HC These are just my random thoughts somewhat friendly reminders to myself as future reference, in case I need to refresh my poor memory This is 1 helluva busy book, jammed w innumerable constantly shifting plots POVs but the resulting end wasn t a thrilling ride as the previous ones I really hope to hell this was simply a failed experiment that the next 1 will unfold smoothly than this I was left dazed confused times in trying to follow the zig zag tracks, or perhaps it was due to lack of sleep long hours of OT hahahaa I wish I d read this during my Dec staycation I ve read 21 books in between AEITB so it wasn t a v good sign cuz I used to devour DG s books as if there s no tomorrow I ll prolly not gonna reread 2 SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS WTF moments The noticeable imbalance in pacing throughout the book The stop and start, going into multiple directions formula could only go so far Claire boinked Lord John after Jamie s death the subsequent MOC Scratches wig For real Why not just have her commit suicide as she tried to but didn t Or have Claire take a mental vacay from reality for as long as she believed Jamie was 6 FT under Go...

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    First Sentence The pirate s head had disappeared.In this 7th book to the Outlander series, Jamie, Claire and Ian are leaving the Ridge headed for Scotland to take Ian back to his family and bring Jamie s printing press back to the Colonies Roger and Brianna have returned to the present and have settled at Lallybroch, but they ve not completely left the past behind William is anxious to prove himself in battle and Lord John is dealing with his family, both in England and in Pennsylvania.I was both delighted and disgusted with this book Either way, it is clear Ms Gabaldon 1 rushed the ending and 2 does not have a continuity editor The story was so rife with coincidence as to almost be humorous There were so many characters with significant stories it diluted each of the stories However, there were also historical characters whose presence may have added a veracity to the period but added little to the story.Jamie and Claire are the focal point of the series You d never know that from this book where we jump between Jamie and Claire, Roger and Brianna, Lord John, William, and Denny and Rachael Hunter The continual jumps in time and focus felt as though it was bad episodic television than reading what should have been a wonderfully engrossing novel In addition, there were inaccuracies and terrible inconsistencies that should have been caught What makes it difficult is that, in essence I did l...

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    So I love Diana Gabaldon I wish she would write faster than one new book every four years in the Outlander series, but whatcha gonna do So Of course I ve been waiting with bated breath for this one Writing still draws you into the characters lives They are so human, so loving, so flawed yet continuously striving.Characters this book has four main plots yes, four We get Jamie and Claire, but we also get Ian who I like to read about , Roger and Brianna who I found annoying earlier in the series but now really am enjoying , and William and Lord John That last plot thread really plods I don t get the sense of empathy with these two characters that I can get with the others There s lots of plotting and intrigue that really doesn t amount to much I think the author is a frustrated mystery writer, but the mystery parts of her books don t do nearly as much for me as the time travel, romances, adventure, history, and humor Plot I don t know if I can forgive her for this She wrote a great book and then failed to end it Three of the four plots threads end with characters in terrible danger or a major unresolved issue Why would she do this In a book that s 800 pages long, it s not like she worries much about editing Couldn t she write another 50 to 100 pages and get them out of those messes The cliffhangers are ...

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    Diana Gabaldon needs to finish this series In fact, she needed to finish it in this book If she is so crazy about Lord John, keep writing those books about him Personally, he bores me, and I skipped over those sections I m not that into William either, even if he IS Jamie s son.How many times can Claire and Jamie run into pirates and take over a ship She s done this before in Voyager And there s lots of other material that repeats or echoes stuff in previous, better books.There are too many points of view and too much skipping from place to place If you re not interested enough in your characters to stay on them for than a chapter or so, why bother And last, but not least, virtually EVERYONE is left in a cliffhanger situation Nothing is anywhere near being resolved it just ends This whole book could have been cut down by about 3 4, added to whatever she is planning for a hopefully final book, and pub...

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    I m back on the Outlander trainagain Mostly because I just want to finish this series I definitely dived into An Echo in the Bone without expectations WHY Well, because I already knew it was probably going to be like 100x longer than it needed to be It might be poring in a ton of parts I might not like it What do you get from this book Well lots of POV s to start We get Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, Ian, John, William, and so much This made me so happy because I was kind of getting sick of reading from Claire s POV Not that I hate the girl or anything. but it was getting annoying and boring Unfortunately, I was kind of getting annoyed with Brianna s POV because it was like reading from Claire sThere is adventure in here too Plus Claire and Jamie also find trouble. or does trouble always find them Either way the b...

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