[Epub] ↠ FROOMB! Author John Lymington – Sigilo.us

[Epub] ↠ FROOMB! Author John Lymington – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • John Lymington
  • English
  • 25 August 2018

FROOMB!When Explorer John Brunt, A Tough, Womanising Adventurer, Agrees To Make The Last Exploration Left To Man, He Cannot Calculate The Spiritual And Physical Terrors That Await Him This Is A Story Of The Future And Of Now Brunt Find There Is No Escape From Either He Finds He Cannot Shake Off The Seeds Of Destruction He Takes With Him To The Years Beyond Now But Does Destruction Come There Must Be Escape Somewhere, Somehow But Where How

John Lymington 1911 1983 was born

10 thoughts on “FROOMB!

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    This one got my attention because of the title apparently it stands for fluid s running out of my brakes and is from a political cartoon at the time commenting on the nuclear arms race.The basic theme here is beware of the wrong sort of progress. but Lymington is really all over the place with his themes The main plot, one which the British minister of Science kills a guy on purpose with the intent to bring him back after 24 hours so he can see if Heaven exists, is weird, but a good point for discussion What happens is the guy goes into the dreary future instead, and, after figuring out that s what happened, tries to get back as soon as possible to prevent it from taking place.Time Travel Ugh The author chooses not to actually tell us what happens at the end,. I guess that s better than making my head hurt Just His post apocalyptic vision is not nuclear war, but in alot of ways both worse and plausible at th...

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    So I bought this at a charity auction for Bubonicon many years ago, and though I read it, I still couldn t really tell you what it s about This book has been used for raising money for charity at Bubonico...

  3. says:

    As I ve said before, time travel is not my cup of tea particularly but this one was OK Not quite as good as it s reputation I thought.

  4. says:

    It has some interesting ideas but the writing isn t great, and the story drags.

  5. says:

    I love books about time travel

  6. says:

    1977 grade F

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