[ Epub ] ❧ Elogio de la madrastra Author Mario Vargas Llosa – Sigilo.us

[ Epub ] ❧ Elogio de la madrastra Author Mario Vargas Llosa – Sigilo.us
  • Paperback
  • 198 pages
  • Elogio de la madrastra
  • Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Spanish
  • 22 March 2017
  • 9788472237421

Elogio de la madrastraCon La Sabidur A Del Meticuloso Observador Que Es Y Gracias A La Seductora Ceremonia Del Bien Contar, Vargas Llosa Nos Induce Sin Paliativos A Dejarnos Prender En La Red Sutil De Perversidad Que, Poco A Poco, Va Enredando Y Ensombreciendo Las Extraordinarias Armon A Y Felicidad Que Unen En La Plena Satisfacci N De Sus Deseos A La Sensual Do A Lucrecia, La Madrastra, A Don Rigoberto, El Padre, Practicante De Rituales Higi Nicos Y Fantaseador Amante De Su Amada Esposa, Y Al Inquietante Fonchito, El Hijo, Cuya Angelical Presencia Y Anhelante Mirada Parecen Corromperlo Todo La Reflexi N M Ltiple Sobre La Felicidad, Sus Oscuras Motivaciones Y Los Parad Jicos Entresijos Del Poder Putrefactor De La Inocencia, Que Subyace En Cada Una De Sus P Ginas, Sostiene Una Narraci N Que Cumple Con La Exigencias Del G Nero Sin Por Ello Deslucir La Rica Filigrana Po Tica De La Escritura.

Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Peru in 1936, is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House, about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt The Feast of the Goat, a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo s insidiou

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    In a Danish film when a schoolteacher is accused of sexually abusing a girl it is as though the accusation proves the guilt the seriousness of the offence leaves no room for hesitation It is believed that innocent children unsullied by life s deceptions always tell the truth But later it transpires that the child described things, that could only be interpreted as sexual abuse, to spite her teacher against whom she had held a small grudge Even so the man is unable to wash off the stigma He is forced to resign from his job and socially boycotted, leaving his life in total disarray But when little Alfonso shows a composition he s written for school titled In Praise of the Stepmother, his father is in for a brutal shock everything he s written is cent percent true Here we have a mind boggling story that contrasts the corrupting power of innocence with our assumptions of children s purity and their inability to act in ways we only associate with devious adults Here lies Don Rigerbto, who contrived to love the epigastrium of his spouse as much as her vulva or her tongue, he philosophically projected as a fitting epitaph on the marble of his tomb Would that mortuary motto be a lie Not in th...

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    I hesitate between 3 and 4 stars here As always, the writing is fantastic There are also five chapters which give dialog to paintings by Jordaens, Boucher, Francis Bacon, Szyslo, and Fra Angelico which are gorgeous But the premise of in...

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    Elogio de la madrastra In Praise of the Stepmother, Mario Vargos LlosaIn Praise of the Stepmother is an erotic novel by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2010 Published in 1988, it is about a sexually open couple whose fantasies lead them to the edg...

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