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[Reading] ➶ Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable ➽ Samuel Beckett – Sigilo.us
  • Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable
  • Samuel Beckett
  • English
  • 01 May 2017

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Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet, who lived in France for most of his adult life He wrote in both English and French His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.Beckett is widely regarded as among the most influential writers of the 20th century Strongly influenced

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    Reading Beckett is not easy, since on the surface he seems to be talking of that which is rationally non existent, which doesn t exist anywhere but perhaps in the subconscious of a mind a mind which is set on the path of self exploration An exploration, which is not merely to find a place, a balance with the world but rather to understand why is it that nothing makes sense or rather why nothing makes perfect sense Can one live with this perception of nothingness and senselessness while still carrying a rational mind or is one in the danger of drifting away, as they say, with the flow of unrestrained thoughts Surely, Beckett doesn t answer that Suffering from an acute depression almost throughout his adult life, Sam s writing is an expression of his deep state of melancholy As a reader, you are a witness to his feelings of extreme despair If you don t keep a check and if you have, at any point in life, been plagued by hopelessness, you may find yourself moving towards a state where nothingness seems to prevail...

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    A venomous spate of reviewer s block has rendered me incapable of forming opinions on all novels over the last few months So I will keep this simple I am now a Beckett convert The prose The prose Samuel, O Samuel It has taken me some time to backslide into the charms of hardcore modernism so accustomed to pomo as I was , but this threesome of existential novels that interrogate the thing of narrative itself and thing of life itself has opened me up to the power of that movement perchance because these novels, esp in the self referential The Unnameable paved the pomo path On the whole, I prefer not to make the same remarks as countless millions of Beckett lovers have made before, so I will limit this to ecstatic superlatives Molloy hilarious, surreal, fucking brilliant prose, infinitely re readable, fabulous Malone Dies darker, baffling, hilarious, fucking brilliant prose, infini...

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    I once recommended Molloy to a boyfriend by saying it was one of the funniest books I d ever read I gave him my copy of the trilogy, and he made it about thirty pages I really don t see what s supposed to be funny, he said Well, I actually underlined the lines that made me laugh, I said Is that what that is I had no ideaMy ex was an intelligent person he had a vast knowledge of art history and fairly broad taste in books, but I fear he was hopelessly in love with beauty, health, youth He just couldn t understand why a book like Molloy should exist.Beckett s art is often discussed as a formal reaction to Joyce and other modernists While that s a valid approach, for me Beckett reads like a fairly straightforward realist I ve worked as a caregiver and companion to the dying I ve lived with tramps and homeless men, and visited prisons and mental hospitals Absurdity is not a literary invention Beckett writes about the shadow side of human existence, and does so with noble fidelity And while death can never be experienced in the first person, the trilogy pushes about as far in that direction as can possibly be done Perhaps I should add that if you don t think Molloy s funny it s unlikely the next two books will cheer you up much Just as Beckett s narrator grows less and less mobile, his language hollows out, shedding the delightful icky wit of the first volume 3 22 16Seeing things in the world that make me think of Beckett The other day I was biking home when I noticed a m...

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    Well slap me and call me Susan Or was it Sarah Edgar I don t know No matter.I could simply leave this as my review and summary of Beckett s trilogy of nothingness, but in the spirit of Beckett himself, I ll go on Wow Just yeah, wow I ve never read anything like this Parts of The Unnamable at the end drift into what I call literature of the black speech, which like Leautreamont and Kafka, end up like being some evil incantation in which reading is reciting there s no meaning because the lines themselves embody the meaning, which here is nothingness or an attempt to achieve nothingness Needless to say the attempt is a failure YOU WON T BE TAKING THIS ONE TO THE BEACH, KIDDIES.What are we to do with Beckett I read Murphy earlier this year, and enjoyed the holy hell out of it It s Pynchon before the Pynch and better Witty and intellectual and interestingly described and All of those attributes are under totalitarian siege in the trilogy We see from Molloy til the end of The Unnamable...

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    Getting through this loosely related trilogy of short novels was one of the hardest reading experiences I ve ever had, and I m not exactly sure if I enjoyed it, or even knew what Beckett was getting at half the time My interest level throughout was all over the place, as the below graphic demonstrates Reading this was similar to reading Proust I had to be absolutely ON while reading, or I d lose the train of thought, and have to re read paragraphs And when there are literally 80 page segments in here without a paragraph break, that becomes an ordeal Sometimes I would get in the flow mostly during Molloy and the first parts of Malone Dies , but other times I would just be reading words without understanding meaning.And honestly, I m not sure I understood much in the way of meaning in general I can get around the fact that there isn t much in the way of plot, characters, traditional storytelling devices, etc Hey, I love the weird stuff But I feel like you have to be in a MOOD to be able to read this Some days, I just couldn t make it happen.Not that there aren t moments where it all came together, and I went A HA GENIUS And it s pretty darn funny in spots, as well But really, what IS all of this What does it MEAN I have no IDEA.Molloy seemed to make the most sense Deconstruction of a typical novel Cool parallels between characters who may be the same person Funny stuff But as the pages went by, I couldn t...

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    Fiziksel varolu un can cehenneme art k s zden m te ekkil bir varolu a merhaba Ters y z etti beni Beckett o ayr ama bir sorunum var Beckett n mizah na ve abs rd karakterlerine al anlar sonras nda ne yap yorlar renebilir miyim

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    I read all the three novels and I have a copy of this book So, I might as well add it as a read book and add a point in my Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge I liked all the three novels Reading Beckett is totally like a different experience I have been reading a lot and a couple of weeks back my eyes would just cry for not reason at all The doctor and my wife both said that I am abusing my eyes by working I am a workaholic and reading I am a bookaholic So my eyes are oftentimes dry and so they cry to lubricate the surface of the eyeballs Now I am using artificial tears brand Tears Naturale to help in the lubrication They the doctor and my wife suggested to refrain from reading too much but what can I do I love reading and I still have the 3rd and 4th volumes of Samuel Beckett s Centenary Collection and the other 2,600 books in my to be read folder all inside my and my wife s bedroom They are my treasured possessions My distraction from the daily travails of living in a rat race kind of life This is one of the best trilogy that I ve read ever Well, it did not topple The Lord of the Rings in the no 1 slot but this trilogy will be something that I will remember maybe forever It is a joy to read The first two have a recognizable plot about some kind of weird bicycle riding boy Molloy 4 stars and the second one has Malone 5 stars who is dying in his cell, thus called Malone Dies but writing a book about a boy Macmann who like Molloy goes around ...

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    Beckett definitely gets 5 stars from me, but he s not for everyone Nor is he for every mood this book sat on my shelf for years before I found myself in the right place to give it a read But once I began Molloy and realized I was feeling it, it shot to the top of my most brilliant and personally influential reads list I actually cried when I was reading it because I thought it was so great, and I think about it pretty much every day Yes, i am a huge dork I...

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    Mind bending, breathless prose unlike anything else Beckett s fascinating, disturbing, exhausting and droll depiction of consciousness stripped of all outside contact and reference points by the time we stumble, benumbed, into The Unnamable will definitely not appeal to everyone, but I found it hypnotic even the third book, which friends fans of the first two had said was unreadable, drew me in with its relentless hyper babble and I can t go on, I ll go on iterations.There s plenty of looping and heaving humor etched into the non stop flow, in especial the sequence of the sucking stones and the obsessive ordering of them in the pockets at hand in order to achieve mouth time equality Throughout the course of the three books the body becomes and of an irritating and alienated appendage, eventually to be misplaced and regretted no than the bicycle of Molloy There are also the tantalizing references to an austere and removed God and angelic messengers that send the narrating entities on miss...

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    This book is bigger than me I still plan on devoting a week to going back over it and give it my best shot at doing it some justice A seance invoking the spirit of Beckett is not out of the question.

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