[Read] ➯ Everything She Ever Wanted (A Different Kind of Love Novel) ➸ Liz Durano – Sigilo.us

[Read] ➯ Everything She Ever Wanted (A Different Kind of Love Novel) ➸ Liz Durano – Sigilo.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 299 pages
  • Everything She Ever Wanted (A Different Kind of Love Novel)
  • Liz Durano
  • English
  • 03 May 2019

Everything She Ever Wanted (A Different Kind of Love Novel)She S Smart, Independent, And Heartbroken He S Cocky, A Bit Rough Around The Edges, And Too Young.But When A Scheduling Mistake Lands A Heartbroken Doctor And A Cocky Woodworker In The Same Place At The Same Time, Can Their Fling Turn Into The Real Thing When Her Husband Leaves Her For A Younger Woman, 40 Year Old Surgeon Harlow James Finds Herself Without Family, Friends, And Barely A Career So She Trades The Bright Lights Of New York For The Open Road And Ends Up At The Pearl, A Sustainable Earthship Outside Of Taos, New Mexico Where She Hopes To Find Out Where She Went Wrong For Woodworker Dax Drexel, The Pearl Is Where He Retreats From The World To Design His Award Winning Furniture Unfortunately, The Pearl S Already Got An Occupant And She S Currently Passed Out On His Bed, Naked He Really Should Mind His Own Business But He Can T, Not When There S A Gun In The Living Room, Next To A Tear Stained Note That Begins With, I M Sorry I Failed You Join Dax And Harlow In A Journey That Readers Have Called Heartfelt, Riveting, And Amazingly Emotional Everything She Ever Wanted Is The Book 1 Of A Different Kind Of Love Series Featuring Dax And Harlow Their Story Is Followed By Addison And Jordan S Story In Falling For Jordan Book 2 Of A Different Kind Of Love Series And Is Now Available Her Perfectly Planned Life Is Off Kilter His Is Off The Grid I Was Never Into Fairy Tales But Discovering A Real Live Princess In My House Reminds Me Of The Story Of The Three Bears And Some Chick Who Breaks Into Their Pad, Eats All Their Food, And Sleeps In Their Beds Just Like The One That S In Mine Right Now At First, I Thought She Was Dead, But The Rise And Fall Of Her Chest Told Me That She Was Just Passed Out, Probably From The Half Empty Bottle Of Bordeaux I D Been Saving For A Special Occasion Two Grand Down The Drain, Courtesy Of Goldi Effing Locks Here, Who S Not Only Passed Out Cold, But She S Also Naked I Should Walk Out Right Now And Let Her Be But I Can T Not When There S Something Else Next To The Bordeaux, Something That Shouldn T Be Here And It S Sitting On Top Of A Note That Begins With The WordsI M Sorry I Failed You

Liz wrote her first story in eighth grade, a serial drama that was sneakily distributed throughout her homeroom classroom until the teacher got hold of it and she almost got suspended turns out it was NSFW taboo As a result, the principal transferred her to the Poetry Club so she could work all the angst out of her system Fast forward 2014 and Liz published her first book, Finding Sam, which w

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    2 StarsOverall Opinion Hmmmthis is a tough one I slept on it so I can think about how I should rate it, and I m still not sure I think, overall, I was disappointed There were just too many things that bothered me Here are some BIG SPOILERS to break down my issues, so please click at your own risk view spoiler The characters weren t all that relatable I understand that the h was going through some big life changes, but she was a complete doormat to her husband and kind of a B to the H at times I also felt like she was kind of leading on the H, because she always had the mentality that it was temporary It was like all he was good for was his dick I felt bad for him tbh, and I m not sure if the author wanted me to but I think she might ve, because she would write that the H stops the h from turning things sexual on than a couple occasions The H was also odd I felt like he was immature for being 27 years old I think that was his age He would answer to both his Dad and grandmother as if he was a teenager This didn t help me think they were a good match, especially with their age difference He also had some inner dialogue and behavior that felt too feminine to me see below H section I like my men manly, and he just didn t feel that way The h was selfish, and inconsiderate The h had gone through infertility issues with her husband, and believes she is infertile So, she flat out lies to the H and says she is on the pill even though she isn t And gasp she e...

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    Wow This came with heaps of drama Shamelessly, I loved it gotta love it when a book makes you both laugh and cry within the same page Dr Harlow James is a successful pediatric transplant surgeon but her personal life hit the skids 6 months ago She did the only thing she thought she could she ran, well drove, far away from New York Approaching 40 in the midst of a messy divorce, dealing with the traumatic still birth of son, and the pending termination of her employment she takes off in car ala Thelma Louise across the country and ends up in Taos, NM off the grid and in a very bad place emotionally.Dax Drexel is a successful artisan of custom woodworking and as God or Fate or whoever would have it builder of the self sustaining green home that Harlow lands in at the end of her cross country journey Sparks fly as they collide in their first official meeting Dax can t seem to get her out of his mind and o...

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    I ve really enjoyed this nice,hot and touching book.Liz Durano delivered a good story but at times it was too fast and it seems to me that something was missing.I m so glad that the author is working on an Epilogue,I can t wait to read about these characters.I really appreciated that Harlow and Dax perfectly show the strengths and weaknesses of their different age,but they feel safe and truly respected in each other company But I know now that I don t have to fit in anywhere to feel whole.I m heading home,even though I don t exactly know where home is any,not after finding it here at the Pearland in Dax s arms The story takes place in New Mexico,I have to admit I knew nothing about this state but ...

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    Uhhhh I have so many feelings about this I don t know where to begin Lets just say, I had issues.

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    Review to come

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    3 1 2 stars

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    I read an early version of Liz Durano s Everything She Ever Wanted on Wattpad and later volunteered to be a beta reader for the updated version Durano s novel takes the reader on a journey to Taos, New Mexico and later, to New York, as it follows the adventures of its main character, Harlow James Harlow is a highly skilled and successful pediatric transplant surgeon living in New York who is in the midst of a shattering divorce from her equally successful surgeon husband, Jeff Jeff has not only cheated on Harlow but is newly engaged to the woman with whom he has cheated Despondent from the rough demise of her relationship, recent miscarriage, and false rumors that have begun to plague her at work and chip away at her character, Harlow is at the end of her rope When she discovers that the hospital where she is employed is being pressured by Jeff to let her go, it is the final straw that drives Harlow, literally, out of the state and into the remote desert Haunted by memories of her stillborn child, her marriage and professional reputation in ruins, Harlow purchases a gun on her way to Taos with the intention of ending her life.After arriving in an off grid ...

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    3 1 2 stars First of all this story isn t for everyone The h is 13 years older than the H She s 40, he s 27 Second, the h view spoiler struggled with miscarriages had a still born baby prior to meeting the H Third, for most of the story, she s married to om but going through a nasty divorce hasn t had sex for two years prior to being with the H Fourth, it s insta love basically 5 days knowing each other they re in love Fifth, there s a separation between the H and h of about 6 weeks no cheating where they don t talk at all ...

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    The inability to become a mother, the awareness you ve been lied to and cheated, an imminent messy divorce and the pressure of being a brilliant professional in a world dominated by men are definitely too much to bear Harlow, a successful surgeon fast nearing her forties, is hurt and lost Drowning in grief, she decides to get off the grid for a while, to collect the broken pieces of her life.It will be in the middle of the desert in Taos, she will meet Dax, the owner of the Pearl, the property she has leased for two weeks Problem is, he s hot and sexy And nice A kind hearted man, actually So what s the problem He is 27 and their age gap is under everyone s scrutiny Not that he cares, though I see men walking around with women half their age, and I don t see anyone complaining But turn the tables around, and suddenly, everyone s got their panties in a twis...

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    It was the first time that I read a romance with an older woman, younger man It was quite interesting and I lived the book with them I was never so glad for happy ever after before Way to go Liz Durano, I m a fan after this book Loved every minute, though I have...

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