Download ☆ The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (Malayan #1) By Selina Siak Chin Yoke –

Download ☆ The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (Malayan #1)  By Selina Siak Chin Yoke –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 466 pages
  • The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (Malayan #1)
  • Selina Siak Chin Yoke
  • 22 July 2019

The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (Malayan #1) Facing Challenges In An Increasingly Colonial World, Chye Hoon, A Rebellious Young Girl, Must Learn To Embrace Her Mixed Malayan Chinese Identity As A Nyonya And Her Destiny As A Cook, Rather Than Following Her First Dream Of Attending School Like Her Brother.Amidst The Smells Of Chillies And Garlic Frying, Chye Hoon Begins To Appreciate The Richness Of Her Traditions, Eventually Marrying Wong Peng Choon, A Chinese Man Together, They Have Ten Children At Last, She Can Pass On The Stories She Has Heard Magical Tales Of Men From The Sea And Her Warrior S Courage, Along With Her Wonderful Kueh Cakes.But The Cultural Shift Towards The West Has Begun Chye Hoon Finds Herself Afraid Of Losing The Heritage She So Prizes As Her Children Move And Into The Modernising Western World.

Of Malaysian Chinese heritage, Selina Siak Chin Yoke grew up listening to family stories and ancient legends She always knew that one day, she would write After an eclectic life as a physicist, banker and trader in London, the heavens intervened In 2009 Siak was diagnosed with cancer While recovering, she decided not to delay her dream of writing any longer Her first novel, The Woman W

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    Without the major snowstorm of the last 3 days and it s worse today I probably would not have been able to read this book in the time I did It is LONG And it is detailed And I m sure it would not be for everyone But I loved it I would have given it 5 stars except for the Manglish used throughout Rather a pidgin Malaya Cantonese Hakka English combination of English.But don t let that spoil your picking up this book If you have patience and love actual family pattern of cultural connections under change you will love this book also And of course, surnames come before given names First, I will tell you what it is NOT It is not an action tale, unless you consider work and details of work action It is not a politico slanted tract to any particular and studied world view It is not centered on the negative or the labeled dysfunction, although some characters have flaws A very few significant flaws at that What this is It is a linear narrator told tale of a singular life A life teeming with early molding of strong parental love, intense temperament, strong core of self identity concerning her own likes, loyalties, and hierarchy of important And one who has excellent observer s eyes to her brilliantly colored Malaysian world She, like her mother,...

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    Wow, where to start with a book like this First, let me say that readers of this review should probably know I ve spent the past eight years married to a Malaysian Chinese man, have visited Malaysia twice, had a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony tea ceremony, banquet, etc , speak Mandarin, and worked full time teaching ESL to Chinese immigrants for three years I m also a published writer So a novel about Malaya old Malaysia written by a Malaysian Chinese woman and loosely based on her own family history was a no brainer for me Understandably, I loved this book I read the Kindle version, which was formatted well As a huge audio book fan, I also tried the audio version, but honestly it was one of the worst recordings I ve heard Malaysian English pronounced in a pure British English accent just doesn t work Aside from pronunciation and accent issues, the narrator over acted and over dramatized the dialogue, making it impossible for me to focus on the text So definitely go with a written version of this book, not the audio version.Moving on, the story itself was great I found it to be both entertaining and historically culturally accurate The author s writing style was solid This woman clearly has talent The characters were realist...

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    Chye Hoon is a spirited and feisty child As she grows up, her siblings are married off with ease but she is not Her parents fear that she will remain alone but she does eventually catch someone one s attention When she weds, its an immense relief for her parents and the start of her amazing and tumultuous journey as a wife, mother and ultimate Nyonya warrior woman.Set in Malaysia in the 1870 s through the 1940 s, this novel was quite a feat Dealing with the Nyonya and Baba tradition, this novel introduced me to a culture that I knew very little of A Nyonya woman is of Malayan and Chinese descent and are particularly gifted in the kitchen In fact, they are taught to cook at a very early age and its one of their most championed traits Food and its preparations played an integral role in this novel Their food, just like Chye Hoon, is quite spicy She is a tough, no nonsense lady, one that commands respect Through circumstances of life, she ends up having to raise her 10 children by herself, ultimately b...

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    The title character, Chye Hoon, is a woman of mixed Malay Chinese heritage or Nyonya She is based loosely on the author s own great grandmother, and apparently many family stories were woven into the narrative in addition to material from extensive research I enjoyed much of the story and learned some interesting things about the culture, but the underlying struggle between tradition and modernization and its impact on family generations is something I ve read about many times, in stories told with greater skill and finesse Chye Hoon was also a bit of a disappointment I guess I expected her to be stronger and resourceful than sh...

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    I absolutely loved it LOVED IT I ve always enjoyed books that deal with eastern cultures and nationalities and this book is one of the best I ve ever read It brought me to tears than once The book is told in the first person and takes the reader through one Malay Chinese woman s life from childhood to old age Selina Siak Chin Yoke clearly di...

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    Well I raced through this in just one day I will admit that it s not usually the kind of book I pick up I m very much a fan of novels with a balance of action and character drama, whereas The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds is a wholeheartedly family saga kind of book As a result, there were moments when I wished for a break from all the relationships but the novel is such a well done family saga that it kept me interested until the final page The writing is very clear, but than that it s full of wonderfully vivid imagery that transported me to the time and place of the story It was that sense of perfectly capturing a unique place and moment in time that held my attention The book very much reads like a memoir, and indeed the protagonist is drawn from the author s own great grandmother even though it is written as fiction I think this was an intriguing idea, on...

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    I m glad I read this book as I learned so much about several cultures as well as a time in history I am not particularly familiar with We need books like this one which capture cultures and times in history not many people in the West, or at least The United States, are aware of I recommend reading this book simply for that value alone, but, I also recognize that it s definitely not a book all readers will enjoy It is a slow moving novel which depicts the life and struggles of one woman from childhood through old age There is not much action and it s not entirely clear what the tension is until a bit far into the book, though the title does help point one in the right direction But if you enjoy the kinds of slow reads where you gain insight about the characters and learn about a culture and history, than you likely will enjoy this book If you are a person who likes things to be happening fairly often in a book and need them to be than things like baking food, than this book isn t for you If that de...

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    Beautifully crafted, a worthy read.This is like being in a room with a master artist who, in the beginning, stands before a blank canvas She begins with the first stroke of words and smoothly moves on to the next, painting, you are not sure what The mastery of her medium makes you want to ride the journey she is taking you on, word by word, scene by scene You can smell the food, see the landscape, palpate the characters The art is rich and flowing, smooth and masterful The journey becomes a mural that just carries you along seamlessly, holding your attention ever so gently This is a rare talent.At the end, you find yourself experiencing a feeling of being inside the canvas looking out as the final brushstroke completes the expression of mastery This is a story that will linger in my mind for a good long while I have never read anything like it I am weary of same ole, same ole storyline that I have read a thousand varieties of This was like a cool, crisp, clean, thirst quenching dr...

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    Wonderful book, I knew nothing about Malaysia or the culture, beautifully written If you like historical fiction based a a true family story you will love this.

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    This is an historical fiction novel set between the 1870s and the 1940s in Malaysia In this area of Malaysia at the time it was common for people to be of mixed ethnic heritage But now the British have started to establish a presence Towns and cities are growing Chye Hoon s father decides to learn English and move the family to a larger city to get ahead Although she is smart, she is not able to go to school She is headstrong and not beautiful so stays unmarried for a long time before becoming a second wife to a Chinese man who left his family behind in China.This story focuses on the way the world is changing around Chye Hoon She is taken to a backwater town after her marriage She watches Ipoh grow into a mining center She sees her children grow up and learn English as their major language Even her daughters are able to be educated But her family traditions are very important She longs to be able to pass on the stories that were told to her and the traditions of the families in her area Her children are not interested What do we lose in the name of progress I had never heard of the Nyonyas and Babas It took me a while to understand exactly what those terms meant This is from Wikipedia Peranakan Chinese or Straits born Chinese are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago including British Malaya now Peninsular Malaysia and Singapo...

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