Read ✓ From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on Teaching By James Rourke –

Read ✓ From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on Teaching By James Rourke –
  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on Teaching
  • James Rourke
  • English
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9781578866045

From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on TeachingMany Teachers Struggle With The Importance Of Their Profession And, By Extension, Their Own Value And Purpose In The World Of Education From My Classroom To Yours Offers Classroom Tested And Historically Supported Methods For Increasing Student Performance And Combating Teacher Apathy And Burnout This Book Proclaims Without Reservation That Teaching And Teachers Are Vital To Learning While Offering Philosophies And Practical Techniques That Can Cause Student Achievement To Soar And Professional Fulfillment To Be Attained.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the From My Classroom to Yours: Reflections on Teaching book, this is one of the most wanted James Rourke author readers around the world.

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    Teaching is one of the most written about, discussed, argued and analyzed professions in the world Everyone has an opinion on what works best, from the teachers themselves who meet, conference and research best practices by the hour to the parents who feel they know best and the students who think they know what they need Then add in administration, school boards and the media into this melee for a little glimpse of the multitude of viewpoints James Rourke has added to the written discussion with From My Classroom to Yours, his contribution to the discourse.His basic premise is admirable and unarguable every student deserves a chance, every student deserves a teacher that is willing to try their best He feels schools can get trapped in a cycle of apathy and acceptance instead of starting each new year with strong expectations of staff and students.He puts forth a variety of concrete suggestions for dealing with students, for both academics and behaviors Teachers will find some to be old favorites talk to the students and a few unique ones Each educator will have their own opinion on the effectiveness of the ideas His attempt to compare coaches and teachers will be hotly discussed in many teachers rooms His suggestion to lie to parents about a student s grade to motivate the student will also prove contoversial.The book is marketed as a book on avoiding teacher burn out but it has the opposite effect It ...

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    Student and teacher alike, the school year follows a predictable cycle Refreshed by summer vacation, we head back to school with high hopes This year will be different Students are committed to actually finishing their homework Teachers are sure that the new motivational poster they just hung in the classroom will make all the difference For a time, both student and teacher seem to try but soon frustration sets in Quickly enough, both student and teacher realize that this year is going to be just like the rest Times may have changed but the predictable behavior of students and teachers hasn t In every classroom, there are the students who are going to succeed in academics and those who ll be left hating the experience It s not that the unsuccessful children are unteachable and it s not that teachers don t care On the contrary, both suffer from the same problem frustration over lack of success...

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