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[Read] ➳ Being True  ➻ Jacob Z. Flores – Sigilo.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 254 pages
  • Being True
  • Jacob Z. Flores
  • English
  • 22 April 2019

Being True Truman L Cobbler Has Not Had An Easy Life It S Bad Enough People Say He Looks Like Donkey From Shrek, But He S Also Suffered The Death Of His Policeman Father And His Mother S Remarriage To A Professional Swindler, Who Cost Them Everything Now Dirt Poor, They Live In The Barrio Of San Antonio, Texas When Tru Transfers To An Inner City High School Halfway Through His Senior Year, He Meets Javi Castillo, A Popular And Hot High School Jock Javi Takes An Immediate Liking To Tru, And The Two Become Friends The Odd Pairing, However, Rocks The School And Sets The Cliquish Social Circles Askew No One Knows How To Act Or What To Think When Mr Popular Takes A Stand For Mr Donkey Will The Cliques Rise Up To Maintain Status Quo And Lead Tru And Javi To Heartbreak And Disaster Or Will Being True To Who They Are Rule The Day

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10 thoughts on “Being True

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    3.5 starsTru is being bullied at school His mom moved him to a new school to get away from it But it looks like he will just be bullied some .That is until he meets Javi Popular and kind Javi The two become best friends in no time and Tru cannot help himself, he falls deeply in love with his friend Of course Javi isn t gay, right Try and Javi were great I loved how their friendship developed and I loved it when they became than friends.What I truly hated about this book were the parents Tru s mom and Javi s mom and dad I can do bad parents in a book, but they were supposed to be the loving wonderful parents that accepted these boys But they forbade them to come out at school as a couple We aren t asking you to do anything We re telling you, as our boys, that you will not reveal your relationship to anyone else To protect them Right. protection my ass I cannot believe these parents would teach their boys that it is okay to hide who you are Just so you don t get beat up And I had a feeling the author agreed with them And even though Tru s mom was great at times, I hated her rules Gay or straight, the same rules apply I m your mother, and I don t want you to have sex before you re out of high school, much less before you turn eighteen You re not mature enough to handle such an intimate physical commitment as that, and I m certainly not going to provide the bedroom for your first time. What is this, the Victorian era And again, with the way Tru ju...

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    Finally I ve read a M M romance with a Latino and a white guy as the loving couple The setting is San Antonio, TX Given the number of people who are HIspanic from New York to California there is a paltry number of M M romances or gay fiction involving Hispanic characters and even fewer with Latino guys Not only is the white kid s love interest Latino, his best friend is a Latino girl and she is a force to be reckoned with This is a YA book with the main characters of Truman and Javi...

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    No me gusta dar puntuaciones bajas, pero es que no me ha gustado nada del libro, a partir de la mitad he empezado a leer en diagonal para terminar.Tru y Javi son perfectos, pero perfectos, perfectos, oiga Sus di logos me resultaban artificiales, con un tono condescendiente muy cargante El tratamiento de algunos personajes el jock malo maloso y la popu slutty superficial me ha provocado mucho rechazo, otra vez por el tono perdonavidas, mojigato y sexista que util...

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    3.5 waffling stars This is a very sweet, easy read I loved Zavi and Claudia They really added humor in all the right spots And you had to feel for Tru, even if he felt unreal The kid had been through a lot, and that was what felt unreal He was practically perfect, no side effects of his trying life, no hatred, no emotion at all.I really had a problem with the perfection of this story, the parents acting as they did about coming out publicly, and threatening to tear them apart if they broke the sex rule, and the one story line was a bit Gleeish to me.The final thing I had issue with was how perfectly adult the sex scenes leaned These are high sch...

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    Rereading 8 31 1612% I love Javi This guy is awesome I realized when it came to love, age didn t matter Its power transcended such triviality Because once true love took hold, it never let go This quote from the book sums up everything 9 16 14 original read dateThis was a great great read I absolutely loved this book I would recommend this to everyone This story is told from the POV of Truman Tru Cobbler He is someone who gets bullied on a daily basis til he meets and becomes friends with Javier Javi Castillo It s a story that starts with friendship that turns into a relationship My heart broke for Tru because I have been there in high school where people feel it s ok to bully for the sake of it I m really thinking about having my son read this to learn about tolerance and how words do hurt I just hope everyone has a Jav...

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    Tru and Javi take us on a journey of discovery and falling in love, as a couple they were sweet There was not as much drama as I was expecting in this read, in fact the majority of the story is sweet and light There is some drama at the beginning and end, but while it was well told, I felt I d missed out on the build up in between.For me the focus on this story was Tru and Javi s feelings rather than Tru s life of being bullied In fact apart from once at the beginning, we are onl...

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    AudibleRounded up to 3 stars.

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    Truman is 17, in his last year of high school, and this is his 6th school in as many years Due to his small stature he is the object of bullying and his poor single mother can do nothing than move them to help the situation.Javi is the star of the baseball team and a genuinely nice, great guy, part of a loving family.After Tru gets beat up again on the first day by Javi s best friend , Javi rescues him and takes him home to his family where he is immediately embraced into the fold.After that day Javi and Tru become best friends Javi protects him as well as really enjoys his company, than the other kids think he should.When push comes to shove, Javi has to face the fact that he has feelings for Tru admittedly gay, but not out officially After facing the truth he has to decide what to do with the information but before he can decide things have heated up at school to the point where it may already be too late OMG I loved this story I m not a huge YA fan, but I really love Jacob Flores and Mark Westfield so I decided to give this a try Boy am I glad First, since this is their last year in HS most of what the boys are dealing with is adult enough not to feel awkward when it comes to relationship stuff.Second, Jacob Flores is an excellent writer and he does an excellent job of creating two believable characters in situations that feel authentic Javi is perhaps a bit too good to be ...

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    4 1 2 starsFor some reason I had been putting off reading this book Maybe something in the blurb subconsciously turned me off or something, I don t know Anyway, finally got around to reading it and I m glad I did The story could not be any sweeter or heartwarming It s definitely a YA M M Romance but it s so well written that anybody can enjoy it The story about the new geek in school who gets bullied and somehow becomes friends with the most popular boy in school and then falls in love ...

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    4.5 stars Tru man Cobbler is a teenager entering a new school, again, in this wonderful YA novel He hasn t had an easy life, with a bullying, drunken stepfather, who thankfully met his demise at the front end of a semi truck, but things might be looking up But Tru is gay, and not into sports, and he just knows that the kids at his new school are not going to like him.Except nobody gave Javi Castillo that memo, and while he might be a jock, admired by most kids in the school, what with playing for the football team, he doesn t let anyone dictate with whom he can be friends He meets Tru, and the two strike up an immediate friendship.Tru thinks it s all too good to be, well, true, but as the plot progresses, and Javi s status in the school extends to Tru, the two boys fall in love But being gay is one thing being gay and out in high school, in St Antonio, TX, is quite another Especially with Javi needing that football scholarship to go to college, they can t be open about their relationship.What I really liked about this novel were the nuanced, honest and mostly realistic characterizations of the two main chara...

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