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➼ The Flames of the City  Free ➲ Author Jim Webster – Sigilo.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 222 pages
  • The Flames of the City
  • Jim Webster
  • English
  • 24 November 2018

The Flames of the City The Flames Of The City Is The Story Of A Desperate Campaign To Hold Back The Forces Of Barbarism With Marching Armies, Pitched Battles, Bitter Fighting, The Fall Of Cities And The Defeat Of Gods Involves Full Orchestration And A Rather Pretty Girl, Considered The Finest Hurdy Gurdy Player Of Her Generation

Old enough to know better and young enough not to care I m married with a wife and three daughters.Since I left school I ve supported myself with farming, freelance writing and some consultancy The consultancy dried up a bit so having time on my hands I wrote the fantasy novel Swords for a Dead Lady This is on as an e book It didn t hurt so I did it again, and Dead Man Riding East i

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    I really like how the author, Jim Webster, adds little details into all his stories, that not only enhance the reader s enjoyment, but also provide little educational snippets.For example, ever wonder how...

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    This is Jim Webster s third book and though it doesn t carry on from the previous two it is set in the same fantasy world We follow a young man named Freelor as he takes on a job to cover a winter time when he s unable to get home, where he is due to marry There are other sub plots in this story and if you have read his earlier books, you will recognise the name of the city which falls and is destroyed by fire One of the subplots concerns a shaman s amulet worn by Freelor, which grows hot in the presence of the evil god Hkada whose followers are able to summon him There are exciting battles and some serious temple raiding resulting in a possession by the god Hkada The story is a quest tale with Freelor leaving his usual haunts to undertake a journey to a temple where his friend, the academic Tolshin, hopes to...

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    I wonder if Jim Webster is an anthropologist at heart, for ethnography is woven into his work This one is a bit of a military history, with both the one year of valiant deeds and fifty years in tents realistically told, an alliance of armies battling against the enigmatic and terrible Scar, followed by a linked story of an expedition into Scar territory, much of it told from the point of view of Freelor, a man much beset by circumstances ...

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